Gamakatsu Superline EWG Weighted Hook 5pk

Gamakatsu Superline EWG Weighted Hook 5pk

Gamakatsu's most popular worm hook would have to be the EWG. It was only a matter of time before they designed a new version, the "Weighted Superline EWG". Developed with the braided line fishermen in mind, it was designed with a heavier wire to withstand the demands of today's braids but also weighted for when a slower presentation is needed. Whether your flippin' or pitchin', your favorite tube or stick bait, in heavy cover or swimming your bait at the perfect speed, the "Weighted Superline EWG should be in your arsenal.

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Gamakatsu EWG Weighted Hook 1/16oz 3/0 $4.99 10+
Gamakatsu EWG Weighted Hook 1/16oz 4/0 $4.99 10+
Gamakatsu EWG Weighted Hook 1/16oz 5/0 $4.99 10+
Gamakatsu EWG Weighted Hook 1/8oz 3/0 $4.99 10+
Gamakatsu EWG Weighted Hook 1/8oz 4/0 $4.99 10+
Gamakatsu EWG Weighted Hook 1/8oz 5/0 $4.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I see some are saying they are tearing up the baits, you may be rigging wrong, do not past the weight through the swimbait, make a hole with the hook and reverse and pass the eye of hook in first

From: David: Covington, GA 7/26/15

Comments: These weighted hooks are the ONLY hooks I use for all my Z-Man or Strike-King Elaztech swimbaits. Also, fantastic advice from the previous reviewer on how to rig your lures without threading the entire weighted hook shaft through your soft plastics. This method is really the best way to rig Elastech baits, when you need a weighted hook.

From: A.J.: Kingstown, RI 7/31/14

Comments: There's an easy way NOT to tear up your soft baits. Thread the hook via the nose of the bait to create the hole but DON'T go past the weight. Reverse your steps and remove the hook then thread the hook eye into the recently created hole. Then put the hook into the body as usual.

From: Allan: OC

Comments: This would be a good product if you didn't have the thread it through your swimbait.  The weight being distributed along the hook improves stability, however when putting it on, it drastically reduces your plastic's life.  If only they made this product with a screw (I could do it myself...)

From: Kyle: Touchdown City, WV

Comments: These are by far the best jerk bait/ swim bait hooks I have used. If you use jerk baits or swim baits, you need to at least try these out. Those who tear up their bait that easily don't use very durable baits. Sure, a Yamamoto senko will only catch one fish before it is unfishable, but I have used these for quite some time now and will continue to use them. If you are worried about tearing up your bait, get the screw on attachments, but I never need them.

Comments: Do not buy these. All they are good for is ripping up your baits wasting your cash. I will never buy them again and you shouldn't either unless you like being able to catch one fish then have to replace your bait

Comments: Gamakatsu Superline EWG Weighted Hook 5pk The eye of the hook is too big and just rips the swim bait.

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