Gamakatsu Superline Spring Lock Hook - $3.49

Gamakatsu created the SuperLine SpringLock Hook to provide anglers with the ideal hook for fishing weightless soft plastics, like flukes and stick baits. Not only does the hook’s stainless steel SpringLock make rigging easy, it also combines with the hook’s 28-degree eye-bend and Extra Wide Gap to create accurate, weedless presentations time-and-time-again. Its SuperLine wire construction also means it’s up to the task of handling big fish and even braided lines. Sticky sharp like all Gamakatsu hooks, the Gamakatsu SuperLine SpringLock Hook deliver excellent penetration, heavy duty strength and quality presentations.

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Gamakatsu Superline Spring Lock Hook

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Gama Spring Lock Hook 3/0 3pk $3.49
Gama Spring Lock Hook 4/0 3pk $3.49
Gama Spring Lock Hook 5/0 3pk $3.49
Gama Spring Lock Hook 6/0 2pk $3.49
Gama Spring Lock Hook 7/0 2pk $3.49

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Comments: The Gamakatsu Superline Spring Lock Hook is the best swimbait hook that money can buy! I would love to see this hook with a solid ring, like the Ringed Gamakatsu Superline EWG. This ring would give swimbaits greater freedom to move at slower speeds.

From: William: Thomaston, GA 11/7/15

Comments: Screw lock comes out after like 3 fish so it is pretty much useless after it comes off. Other than that its a good hook.

From: Mantis: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: This is one of the best hooks I have ever used. it works really well with flukes.

From: Justin: IN

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