Gamakatsu Trailer Hooks 5pk

Gamakatsu Trailer Hooks 5pk

Trailer hooks are sometimes essential when you're fishing spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. These trailer hooks from Gamakatsu offer strong wire and super sharp points that will hook and hold. The pack comes with a short piece of tubing that you can use on the spinnerbait hook after you thread on the trailer hook to keep it from coming off in a battle. If the bass are short-biting your lure, you need a trailer hook. Trailer Hooks work well with a trailer bait, such as the Zoom, the Strike King, or a Yamamoto grub. In a tournament, every bite counts. Don't be caught short, catch the fish that short-bite you with a Gamakatsu Trailer Hook.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Best trailer hooks I've used.  I like my trailer hooks free swinging, so it's nice that the surgical tubing in the package isn't already attached over the eye of the hook. 

From: Booman: Louisville, KY 1/5/17

Comments: These are probably the best trailer hooks out there & they're at a great price, too. They come with a solid piece of tubing that you slip on the point of the spinnerbait/buzzbait hook after you have put the trailer hook on. These work great when the fish are just swiping at your spinnerbait or buzz bait & not fully committing.

From: Ross: TN 1/18/16

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