Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks - $5.99

The Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hook delivers the same performance, balance and hooking capabilities as the original drop/split shot hook - now with the added advantage of a weedguard. This means you can throw it into bass holding cover with far fewer snags. The ultra-sharp points will stick to anything that touches them, and a bend behind the point will hold a nose-hooked worm in the perfect position - 90-degrees from the line - when drop shotting. The points easily penetrate the hard upper lip of a bass, and the sharp barb will not let the fish throw the hook when you are playing them in. Also a great choice for wacky rigging - the 2/0 and 3/0 sizes can even accommodate fatter stick baits and Senkos - the Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks take performance to the next level.

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Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks

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Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks 4 5pk $5.99
Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks 2 5pk $5.99
Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks 1 5pk $5.99
Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks 1/0 5pk $5.99
Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks 2/0 5pk $5.99
Gamakatsu Weedless Drop/Split Shot Hooks 3/0 4pk $5.99

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Comments: I must of got a bad pack or something, because I would lose 75% of fish I hooked with these hooks (size 1) fishing a weightless senko. Switched back to Owner Mosquito (size 1) and rarely lose a fish.  I even tried removing the weedguard to see if that was causing the issues, but did not solve the problem.  I'm surprised, never had issues with Gamakatsu hooks before, but I will not be buying more of these hooks.

From: Brandon: Liverpool, NY 5/13/14

Comments: This hook is THE best weightless wacky hook ever,(can't wait to get my hands on the G-Finesse Wacky jig head). I caught my bigest pickeral on this hook, about 28 inches. I'll just rattle off the great things about this hook: SUPER STRONG, light weed gaurd which you can bend if you want to, sticky sharp, matches awsome with a senko, in a shorter's a Gamakatsu!

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: Love the hook. Hate the weedguard. i wanted to use this hook for skipping senkos under over hanging trees and around wood and docks. the weedguard pops off the hook point on every skip. i think the weedguard is too short, it barely fits over the point, which would be fine in sparse weeds or lighter cover. i wish it worked like the Finesse Wide Gap weedguard. i just dont like the Finesse Wide Gap hook. Still looking for the perfect Weedless Wacky hook (its not Owner either).

From: Jason: Ohio

Comments: This hook is the bomb!  I caught two big bass back to back!  I rigged this hook with a 5" yum dinger wacky! Caught a 8lb and a 11lb bass in two cast! The hook is really strong and had great hook placement!

From: Vince: CA Delta

Comments: This has become my go-to hook when fishing a senko with an o-ring. I am also using them to nose hook flukes. A little pricey though!!

From: Dewey: Smith Mountain Lake

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