Gambler Flapp'n Shad Bleeding Bait 6" Series 8pk

Gambler Flapp'n Shad Bleeding Bait 6

Every bait in the Gambler Bleeding Bait Series comes infused with bright red in the head/gills area to mimic a wounded baitfish. Red in these areas has been proven to trigger more strikes from gamefish since injured prey is almost irresistible to cruising predators.Some experienced anglers have discovered the secret of a big, flat paddle tail. When you swim a soft plastic bait with these tails they will flap and vibrate with a thump hard enough you can feel it in your rod almost like a crankbait. Fish respond to this thump and the smaller profiles of the soft baits can get bit even better. Gambler has produced possibly the ultimate paddle tail soft bait, the Bleeding Bait Flappin' Shad. The front half of the Bleeding Bait Flappin' Shad is built like the standard fluke style soft jerk bait with a fish shape and a cut in the belly for your hook, but the back half features a long, thin tail with a big paddle for maximum flapping and thumping. Now, when you twitch your soft jerk bait you'll have the added advantage of the flapping tail, or rig the Bleeding Bait Flappin' Shad weedless on a darter head and swim it through heavy cover like a weedless crankbait for a presentation few fish have ever seen. As with all Gambler soft plastic baits the Bleeding Bait Flappin' Shad is loaded with Bang pure crawdad and shad oils.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: They work great in heavy cover. I prefer to rig them with no weight, 5/0 EWG gamakatsu hook. Toss them into the "nasty" and a few flicks of the wrist = BAM. Not the most durable bait, but not the least durable bait either. Besides, the price is right.

From: Joe: VA

Comments:  If you cut this tail from front diagonally up towards the back of the bait starting from 1/3 inch from base of tail to the middle point of the tail, and pop it in or on the bank and pop it over the heaviest cover at dawn or dusk. Watch out I have had a bad year on local lakes and ponds here in Fla. BOB B. in N.J. gave me one of these and explained it I'm back a week and killing the largemouth locally with this setup on a 4.0.-5.0 ewg gap hook   2 fish under 1.5 -2 pounds  in 4 days fishing, 21 total caught go get em boys try it. thx BOB B. in NJ.

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