Gambler Big Giggy Head - $4.79

Perfect for presenting baits to highly pressured ledge fish and deep structure, the Gambler Big Giggy Head features a new 6/0 hook perfect for rigging larger worms. The screw post baitkeeper also allows you to keep your bait firmly in place for perfect presentations every time. Available in multiple sizes, the Gambler Big Giggy Head delivers the same great performance as the originals.

5/16oz, 3/8oz - 4 per pack
1/2oz, 3/4oz - 3 per pack

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Gambler Big Giggy Head

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    5/16 5+
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    3/4 02/23

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Comments: If you want to go with a Power Shakey Head -this Gambler Giggy Head is for you ! I believe for a power shakey head approach you are better off with a separate means to secure the head of the plastic bait that is not on the hook shank itself (cleaner presentation for larger diameter plastics). For 'Ole Monsters , Berkley 10" Worms or Magnum Trick Worms - This upsized Giggy Head is well made , with a proven design ...For power shakey head fishing  - this should be on your short list to try !

From: Chris: Acworth, GA.

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