Gambler Buzzin Cane Toad - $3.99

The Gambler Buzzin Cane Toad features a body that is designed not to flip, and keep your toad running straight back to the boat - every time. Its unique double buzzin feet also create a tremendous commotion proven to draw strikes from aggressive fish. Perfectly weighted for long casts as well, the Gambler Buzzin Cane Toad is a great choice the next time you target bass in thick matted vegetation.

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Gambler Buzzin Cane Toad

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  • Black
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  • Green Pumpkin Red Pearl Swirl
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  • June Bug
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  • Lane Toad
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  • Watermelon
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  • White
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Comments: Great for when the water is slick and you want a little more "subtle" buzz on the surface. Pairs up great with the 4/0 stanley double take hook.

From: Swampy: S. FL

Comments: This is exactly like the Attraxx Mystic Frog except cheaper and has Gambler's trademark Garlic scent.  These work!!

From: Kurt: La Crosse, WI

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