Gambler Fat Ace - $3.99

Featuring a beefier body than the original Ace, the Gambler Fat Ace measures in at 6-inches, and is perfect for attracting those bigger bites. Loaded with salt and Gambler BITE for added fish attraction, this Gambler Fat Ace has that great stick bait do-nothing action on the fall whether its rigged wacky or weightless. The extra plastic of the Fat Ace also makes it cast even further.

Length Quantity
6" 5

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Gambler Fat Ace

8 Available Colors

  • Black Blue Flake
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  • Black Blue Tail
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  • Copperfield
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • June Bug
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  • River Bug
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  • Watermelon Red
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  • X-Mas
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  • Melon Shad

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