Gambler Meano Shad Spin

The Gambler Meano is the newest addition to the underspin style baits. The double headed design of the Meano prevents rollover. The double head design also gives the Meano the look of a group of baitfish. The Meano comes equipped with a Gamakatsu hook, 3D eyes, and a high quality paint job.

3 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: this lure really makes fish bite. ive had 6 big bites on this lure. 2 one day, 1 another day and 3 today. it really makes them bite and that's all they do. I have not got a fish in the boat yet using this lure. I use it paired with a kietech 4" white swim bait. tried 3 different rods after losing each fish. nothing worked. Im not sure what the issue is. not sure I will buy more.

From: Rob: Carmel, NY 7/13/14

Comments:  I love your Gambler Maeno Shad I caught a 20 pound Grouper on it I hope you guys make it in salt water colors.

From: Zachary: Honolulu, Oahu

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