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Destroy the competition with the free-moving action of the Gambler Wrecking Ball. Designed with a football shaped head, the Gambler Wrecking Ball features a clevis where traditional fixed jigs normally have a hook. This clevis allows the super-sharp Mustad hook to swing freely, giving soft plastic the freedom to flap, flutter, and flail at their full potential. In addition to the action, the unregulated design of the Gambler Wrecking Ball also prohibits fish from using the jig as leverage to spit the hook, resulting in a better hook-to-catch ratio. Covered in a high-quality finish, the Gambler Wrecking Ball delivers increased action that will make your favorite soft plastics perform like never-before. 

1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz - 4 per pack
3/4oz, 1oz - 3pk

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Gambler Wrecking Ball

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