The Gator Grip Weigh-In Bags are 100% guaranteed not to tear and made in the USA.

The Gator Grip Black Weigh-In Bag constructed from a 2 layer polyethlyne material that has mesh between the layers to act as a rip stop.  Great for clubs or jack pot tournaments, black bags are known to help calm fish during transport.

The Gator Grip Clear Weigh-In Bag allows you to show off your fish on the way to the weigh-in. It contains a mesh polyester scrim between two layers of polyethylene, and is 14mm thick. Polyethylene is much tougher than the imported pvc bags from other companies.

The Gator Grip White/Black Weigh-In Bag features a black interior to help calm the fish with a white exterior to help reflect the sun's rays and keep your fish cool. It also features seven layers of reinforced polyethylene.

Dimensions: 24" x 24"

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