Gitzit Fat 3.5" 10pk - $3.49

The 3.5-inch Fat Gitzit is one of the most versatile baits in bass fishing. Tube baits have been a fixture for catching bass since they were first introduced, and are especially deadly for smallmouth. Contrary to what the name suggests, the Fat Gitzit actually has a narrower profile, and is a great choice any time the fishing gets tough. The Fat Gitzit has a natural fall in the water, and delivers an excellent crawfish imitation when dragged along the bottom. Available in several colors, the 3.5" Fat Gitzit is a great choice rigged on a jig head or drop shot, Texas-rigged or Carolina-rigged, or even fished weightless. Your imagination is the only limitation.

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3.5" 10
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Gitzit Fat 3.5

10 Available Colors

  • Brown Craw Green Sparkle
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  • Brown Craw/Salt & Pepper
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  • Chartreuse Salt & Pepper
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  • Green Craw/Salt & Pepper
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  • Olive/Smoke Red Sparkle
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  • Pearl Black/Smoke Purp Sparkle
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  • Pearl White
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  • Salt & Pepper
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  • Smoke Sparkle
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  • Smoke/Red & Black
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Comments: This is bait is excellent. I use it with a special inserted weight, which allow the bait to fall at a 35 degree angel instead of a bullet weight. With a bullet weight, the fall is a up and down motion which isn't as productive for me. I use it on a clam day with less wind because it is harder to detect a bit on windy days and you can't cast it like a senko. Instead of reeling it, I use a pulling motion to the 11 o'clock position then I reel in the slack line. And the majority of the bait does come from the fall. I use the brown craw/salt & Pepper and it has been by far my favorite color. But wish they would make a water melon green color.

From: Pao: Fresno CA

Comments: great tubes i absolutely love using these on the dropshot. hooked up with a 40+" pike at spinney mtn. reservoir. Ive also caught many pressured shoreline smallmouth and largemouth on these. I HIGHLY recommend these!!!!!!!!!

From: Gauge: Thornton, CO USA

Comments: This bait works great when bass are picky with everything else

From: John: SD, CA

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