Gitzit Jumbo 4.25" 10pk - $3.99

The 4.25-inch Jumbo Gitzit offers a narrower profile and tremendous action. Especially deadly for smallmouth and spotted bass, it is also effective for targeting largemouth. Truly one of the most versatile of all soft plastic designs, the Jumbo Gitzit catches bass from the surface to the bottom, in shallow and deep water, year around. A great choice for skipping docks as well, your imagination is the only limitation with this bait. Available in a variety of colors, the versatile 4.25" Jumbo Gitzit gets bit.

Length Quantity
4.25" 10
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Gitzit Jumbo 4.25

9 Available Colors

  • Brown Craw Green Sparkle
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  • Brown Craw/Salt & Pepper
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  • Chartreuse Salt & Pepper
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  • Green Craw/Salt & Pepper
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  • Olive/Smoke Red Sparkle
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  • Pearl White
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  • Salt & Pepper
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  • Smoke Sparkle
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  • Smoke/Red & Black
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