Gitzit Super Tube 6" - $5.29

Offering a large profile for attracting those big bites, the Gitzit Super Tube measures in at 6-inches. It also comes equipped with insert jig heads for always accurate, weedless rigging. Extremely versatile, it is a great bed fishing bait and is also deadly dragged along the bottom or retrieved through the water column. Super soft yet durable, the Gitzit Super Tube is available in a variety of colors for a range of fishing conditions.

Each package includes two Super Tubes and two 1oz Super Tube Lead Jig Heads with 6/0 hooks.

Length Quantity
6" 2
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Gitzit Super Tube 6

5 Available Colors

  • Brown Craw/Salt & Pepper
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  • Chartreuse Salt & Pepper
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  • Green Craw/Salt & Pepper
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  • Olive/Smoke Red Sparkle
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  • Pearl White
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