GrandeBass MegaTail RattleSnake 12pk

GrandeBass MegaTail RattleSnake 12pk

Featuring an advanced wedge-vent tail design, combined with the famous, ringed Rattlesnake body, the Grande Bass Megatail Rattlesnake delivers a sound and look in the water most bass have seldom seen.  Also loaded with Grande Bass’ Mega3 attractant, it combines the most powerful bass attractants with masking formulas to make fish hold on longer and mask human scents.  Available in a several proven colors to match the given fishing conditions, the Grande Bass Megatail Worm offers a big profile to attract those monster bass, and its living, breathing design allows it to move a lot of water, hold air and stand up on the bottom.

Length Quantity
8" 12

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I started using this worm two seasons ago and it quickly replaced the power worm that had been my go to up here.  It has great action in the water and the bass just chow it down. It is a little fragile but the results are certainly worth the collateral damage!

From: Rondo: MN 3/28/15

Comments: I bought a pack of these worms from this website last year. I carried them around in my bag for most of the season neglected in my tacklebox. After tall that time I finally broke them out on a fishing trip... My dad and I both kept catching fish with these worms, even when nothing else was working. We even had to start shortening the head of the worms where they were starting to get torn apart. Great worm. It's on the large size, but it works.

From: Eric: Macon, GA

Comments: The bass just flat out love these great bait.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I caught my personal best, 10 pound bass off this bait (green pumpkin). Now its the ONLY lure i use. replaced all my other lures with this beast of a bait!

From: Joseph

Comments: Great bait. i Love the look of the ribs and how it is in the water. ive caught a to of big lunkers on this sucker . i will def be buying more of these for my tournaments in the future.

From: Tyler: Cincinnati

Comments: great bait, i love the look of the ribs on the bait and big bass kill em too

Comments: best baits i have caught many ten pound bass on these.

From: Brooks

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