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Heddon Torpedo - $4.99

As it sputters across the surface, the legendary Heddon Torpedo creates a massive disturbance that has helped to build its reputation for drawing explosive surface strikes. Deadly at any rate of retrieval, the Heddon Torpedo is best utilized through varying your speed and cadence until you key in on a pattern that’s the most effective. The aerodynamic shape allows anglers to perform long distance casts with ease and precision.  Offered in a number of time-tested colors, the Heddon Torpedo is a classic topwater lure that’s sure to “propel” you into the winner’s circle.  

Heddon Length Weight Hooks Class
Baby Torpedo 2-1/2" 3/8 #4 Topwater
Tiny Torpedo 1-7/8" 1/4 #6 Topwater

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Comments: First time using one of these at a local pond and saw that the treble hook in the back broke off completely the part that holds the whole treble hook and ring came off after something hit it like a frieght train.  Make em more durable please.

From: Brian: Lake Forest, CA

Comments: I have used these lures all throughout my life. They are the best topwater lures you can get your hands on! I've caught LM bass, gar, and ever smallmouth on these things! The fish can not get enough of these things, you can either slow retrieve, or try popping them, but these are not a walk-the-dog bait. Both baby and tiny are good sizes and can't go wrong with either, the baby does have an issue with the propeller getting caught on the treble hooks. The only thre colors I have used are Baby Bass, black shiner, and g fleck blue shore minnow, but if you just want to buy one, get the baby bass, you cant go wrong there.

From: Lane: IN

Comments: Excellent pond bait especially in the smaller sizes. Very good finesse topwater as well. Have caught some big smallmouth with the clear version. Great little bait

From: Michael: NC

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Heddon Torpedo

8 Available Colors

  • Baby Bass
    Size Stock Qty
    Baby 5+
    Tiny 5
  • Black Shiner
    Size Stock Qty
    Baby 5+
    Tiny 12/06
  • Blue Shiner
    Size Stock Qty
    Baby 5+
    Tiny 3
  • Clear
    Size Stock Qty
    Baby 5+
    Tiny 1
  • G Finish Shad
    Size Stock Qty
    Baby 12/06
    Tiny 5+
  • G Fleck Blue Shore Minnow
    Size Stock Qty
    Tiny 12/26
  • Nickel Plate
    Size Stock Qty
    Baby 12/26
  • Red Shore Minnow
    Size Stock Qty
    Tiny 2

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