Heddon Wounded Spook 4.5"

Heddon Wounded Spook 4.5

If you like throwing Zara Spooks and prop baits, you'll love the new Heddon Wounded Spook. Essentially a Spook with props, this big topwater lure attracts a lot of attention to the water's surface. It easily produces the killer side to side, sashay action Spooks while the props on the front and back of the bait throw spray and create a commotion bass can't resist. Available in a range of colors, you can also rip the Heddon Wounded Spook like a standard prop bait.

Heddon Length Weight Class
Wounded Spook 4.5" 3/4oz Topwater

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3 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: The Wounded Spook is not a walk the dog bait. It is a prop bait that it meant to be used as a rip & pause bait.

From: Marcus: CA 7/9/16

Comments: This thing is like a cross between a devil's horse & a spook. It works great in any situation that the aforementioned lures do. Makes a big commotion on top of the water, but not enough to scare the fish away. I've had several instances where multiple fish would strike at this lure at the same time. Produces largemouth in all size ranges for me.

From: Zach: Pittsylvania, VA

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