ISG Intimidator Drop Shot Tube 2.75" 12pk

ISG Intimidator Drop Shot Tube 2.75
The drop shot tube is quickly becoming a staple for all Great Lakes smallmouth fisherman. The ISG Intimidator Drop Shot Tube is a soft, yet extremely durable finesse tube. You will notice the uniform coloring of the ISG Intimidator Drop Shot Tube in every bag. Each tentacle on the skirt is uniformly cut and longer than others on the market, thus providing more life-like action. Each ISG Intimidator Drop Shot Tube is salt-impregnated, garlic scented and releases a unique fish-attracting taste when activated by water.

Length Quantity
2.75" 12

7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments:  top of the line finnese tube for sure.  Works amazing around Green Bay/Sturgeon Bay for those massive smallies.  Can catch anything in between 1 ~ 5lb smallie based on personal experience.

From: Toshiya: IL 9/8/14

Comments: Work great for Smallmouth here in the shield lakes of central Ontario.Pumkin and goby colors.

From: Glenn: Emsdale Ontario Canada

Comments: Best lure I own. First cast realed it about 4 ft wack caught a 7lb slaunch. WILL BUY MORE!!!

From: Tyler: Mt. Juliet, TN

Comments: Goby and St Claire worked really well on the drop shot rig up in champlain this weekend. Even 3lb. largemouth on bridge pillings were hitting it.

From: Jamie: Upstate NY

Comments:  It sits nicely on a dropshot rig and has a nice subtle action.  Works very well on finicky smallmouths.

From: Destin: Erie, PA

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