Ima Big Stick

Ima Big Stick

A high-tech lunker-killer that walks, pops, spits and catches just about anything that swims, the Ima Big Stick is the result of years of development by the Japanese engineering team at Ima and professional angler/guide, Randy Pringle. Extremely easy to fish and impart the proper action, the Big Stick doesn't require a big swimbait rod either, it's actually designed for use with conventional gear. The bait's rear weighted design allows the bait to start up its characteristic action as soon as you start your retrieve, and it also helps increase casting distance and accuracy.

In addition to highly detailed finishes, massive eyes and a unique head, designed to push significant volumes of water, the Ima Big Stick also features eight individual sound chambers that when fished fast creates a huge ruckus, but also allows it to be popped subtly along the surface. Featuring a durable wire-through construction, heavier split rings and Owner hooks, the Ima Big Stick can stand up to any trophy fish - bass, musky, pike, stripers and various saltwater species. It will spit like a magnum popper, walk like the hardest-sashaying walking bait, and anglers don't have to be experts to make it do its thing.

Ima Lures Length Weight Class Hooks
Big Stick 7" 1.75oz Topwater Owner ST-66 #1/0

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This lure is HUGE.  It is awesome, but huge.  It is called "big stick" after all.  It is fun to throw and yes it makes a lot of noise, but it will make you tired for sure.  Also your thumb will be sore from slowing the spool.  IT is enjoyable to trow.  I would love however, if IMA decided to make a few smaller version of the same...maybe a 6", 5", 4" same design.  Just a thought.  They could call them the smaller big stick, the small big stick and the smallest big stick.  Kidding, sort of.  Would like smaller sizes too.

From: Peter: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: cast like a champ, easy to walk with braid, loud ratlles, spits like crazy, hoping to catch a monster with this!

From: Striper Team

Comments: took this bait out the firsrt day to my local lake learned to walk this bait in about 5 min and about 15 min later i caught the biggest fish of my life a 8 pound LMB this is a great bait makes alot of noise u wont be dissapointed

From: Kodee: CA

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