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The relationship between bass and bluegill is one of love and hate – they love to eat them, but hate them around their beds and newly-hatched fry. Every aspect of this relationship can work to an angler’s advantage, especially with a lure like the Ima Helips Prop Bait. Equipped with two squeaky prop blades, the Ima Helips Prop Bait moves over the water’s surface with a heavy churning action that is great for aggravating and enticing bass. The pudgy body of the Ima Helips Prop Bait is very buoyant, which keeps it floating on the pause and prevents it from snagging when fished over shallow cover. Perfect for post-spawn bass or fry-guarding fish, the Ima Helips Prop Bait is a great topwater tool to keep on deck. 

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Helips Prop Bait 2-1/4" 3/8oz Topwater ST-36BC #5

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Ima HeliPs Prop Bait

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Comments: When the bass have seen it all this little dude comes through in a pinch. Fish this over bream beds and you'll get bit. Casts well in the wind too.

From: Rob: Spring, TX 2/4/15

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