Ima Pinjack 200 Crankbait

Ima Pinjack 200 Crankbait

Designed specifically to come through cover without hanging up or losing effectiveness, the Ima PinJack 200 is an all-around, versatile crankbait that can catch fish in shallow cover or on deep rock banks. Offering a precise wobbling and rolling action, it dives with ease down to 6-8 feet on 10-20lb line. Its design also incorporates a small internal fixed weight, which maximizes diving depth while preventing the lure from tumbling and getting fouled on the cast. The diving angle is also tuned so when you come in contact with weeds or cover, you can softly lift up on the rod and the Pin Jack 200 will back-slide and glide over the cover. Available in a range of detailed colors, every aspect of the Ima Pinjack 200 Crankbait is made to maximize performance in this most efficient mid-depth crankbait.

Ima Lures Length Weight Depth
Pinjack 200 2.25" 7/16oz 6-8ft

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7 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I bought two and neither ran true out of the box. Bait seem to roll if I reeled too fast using a 6.3:1 reel.

From: Aaron: Lima, OH 4/13/15

Comments: quality mid range crank. if you're looking to run deeper than a squarebill then this is the one. bait has a lot of torque, I get it to 6-8ft running superline

From: Clint: Diamond Valley,CA 3/12/15

Comments: Pretty much agree with all the other reviews about this great little crankbait. Comes through cover really well with a smooth tight wiggle. Great finishes on these as well with the Green Gizzard Shad looking a lot better in person than the pictures. This is the first Ima bait I have used and am impressed.

From: Hydrilla Gorilla: Lake Seminole, FL 1/26/15

Comments: I use this little bait to match the hatch between 6-10 foot depths. As you would expect top quality finish with stick sharp hooks. Tie it on and go to work. A big plus is it's ability to back up off cover or grass less hang ups equal less lost baits. I fish it often with heavier line 17-20lbs when around heavy cover doesn't affect the action.

From: David: Hiram, Georgia USA

Comments: Sick little crankbait. Nice tight wiggle to it, comes through cover very well.  Momentarily sticks to rocks and limbs, then pops right off and pauses, just like you want it to. I like to fish it in the same laydowns people throw squarebills, just to give them a little different look and reach the deeper parts that are normally missed.  As with all Ima products I've used, the quality is top notch.

From: J-Rod: Falls Lake, NC

Comments: One of the better 6ft. cranks out there right now. Comes through grass very nice, has a deadly tight wobble, perfect for cold water, ima nailed this one!

From: Aaron: Poughkeepsie,NY

Comments: Tight wobble, dives to 7 ft on 10 lb fluoro.  Stock hooks are high qualty.  This bait is great for Banging off rocks/stumps as it rarely gets hung up.  Chartruese colors have produced best along with hot craw.  Great design that holds upunder a lot of abuse.  my GO-TO mid depth crank.

From: Chris: USA

Comments: Killer little crank! Maxs out at 6 foot but very good action, its now added to my arsenal with wiggle warts for spring crankin

From: Roy: Branson, MO

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