Jackall MC60 Crankbait MR - $14.99

The Jackall MC 60 has a fast wobble with a rolling action, similar to a hand carved wooden crankbait. The MC 60's fixed weighting system creates a low center of gravity. The MC/60 also has a specially designed wedge shaped, sharp lip that pulls more water, which creates more action. The Jackal MC 60 also comes in a 4ft diving version - the Jackall MC Crankbait SR

Jackall Lures Length Weight Depth Class
MC 60 (MR) 2.5" 3/8oz 7ft Floating

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Chartreuse Shad
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Jackall MC60 Crankbait MR

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  • Chartreuse Shad
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  • Craw Fish
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  • Ghost Bluegill
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  • Ghost Minnow
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  • Ghost Sexy Shad
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  • HL Black & Gold
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  • JP Purple Chartreuse
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  • Purple Chartruese
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  • Sexy Shad
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  • Sparkle SS Shad
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  • Super Crawfish
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  • Super Shad
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  • Tennessee Shad
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Comments: hi guys, this is low center crankbait, it has action on going deep and moving suspending around cover. It is good lure. I have jackall and they move different then other crankbaits like rapala, storm, kvd,ect... this moves more of center action and good action. I like it. If your looking for something different in crankbaits then try some jackall and new squarebill series when they come out. God bless you forever and Good fishing forever

From: Alex

Comments: great bait it catches them trust me goes to about 8 ft at the most but overall perfect

From: Kody

Comments: I bought one of these crankbaits about three years ago, and I was very impressed with the wobble of the lure.  I have been told that it swims much like a wiggle wart or other balsa baits.  Along with the Bandit 200's, this is my most productive smallmouth and spotted bass catching crankbait on Lake Cumberland.

From: John: Lexington, KY

Comments: First Name:a great bait got the super shad color and if you got baitfish coloer you gonna catch em up

From: Japan

Comments:If you like the old school balsa wobble then this is the bait for you. Pick one up and you will see. Also the finish is awesome. Very Very scratch resistant.

From:Garrett: Riverside

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