Jackall Pompadour

Jackall Pompadour

Unmatched in attraction and originality, the Jackall Pompadour provides a one-of-a-kind topwater presentation that fish won't be ready for. Designed to tempt bass at the surface, the Jackall Pompadour is fitted with metal wings that collapse on the cast and then flare out once they hit the water. Made to move tons of water, the flapping metal wings create a noticeable splash and a unique sound that compliments the dual rattle chambers.

At the rear, the Jackall Pompadour features a free-swinging hook holder and a prop blade that generate a heavy gurgling attraction. This forward-thinking design not only creates additional disturbance, but it also eliminates the possibility of a bass using the lure as leverage to spit the hook.Offered in a number of classic color ways, the Jackall Pompadour has a big presence that will draws even bigger bites.   

Jackall Length Weight Class
Pompadour 3" 3/4oz Topwater 

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6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: As everyone else has said, this thing gets smacked left & right. I recommend a 24-28" retrieve reel & a  fairly heavy rod as this thing pulls pretty hard & you often have to fight it back as much as the fish hooked on it, which makes every catch seem bigger, which is why the rear hook is made to pivot as the action if the bait itself would shake the hook out otherwise. Careful not to let it hit anything on the back swing as you'll have to bend the wings back into shape. Just use easy roll casts and let the weight transfer do its job.

From: Tony: Yukon, OK 7/8/16

Comments: This is a dope bait! I bought a couple and threw them out at some local, heavily pressured ponds. I got 3 bass to crush it when everyone else blanked. It has a funky look & sound a lot of fish haven't seen yet. I like the black one on early morning or overcast days.

From: Erick: Long Beach, CA 5/16/16

Comments: Probably my favorite summer time lure. Bass crush this thing especially at night and low light conditions. Slow retrieve with a pause in between and a few twitches are absolutely deadly

From: Aaron: CA 8/8/15

Comments: Wow bought this lure in spring waiting for topwater bite to hit New York and tied it on last night WOW!!! 8 cast 4 bass and none were monsters so dont be afraid of size this is a jitterbug on steroids be careful hooks are nasty sharp as probably would have caught more fish but had the rear hook go through my finger with a bass on front hook so kinda ended my night in hospital. thanks TW for great selection and service have to order more.

From: Frank Da Fish: Greenwood Lake, NY

Comments: Reviews are dead on! This bait flat out attracts fish and attention. it creates a lot of noise & water movement. On its first outing from 2am-8am caught over a dozen fish & had about the same in missed opportunites. Time to add a 2nd one to my arsenal.

From: Jason: WI 7/10/15

Comments:  I've been using this bait for about 2 months now & I can't say if it's any better than a buzzbait as far as top water goes. But, I will say that as other reviews have stated this bait gets smashed. When you get the fishes attention they hate this topwater bait so much that it gets crushed with authority. I thought it would be a big fish only bait when I first got it but even sunfish here in Tennessee will take a crack at it. When I'm not in the mood to fish fast topwater I will continue to tie this on because it does catch good fish. 

From: B: TN 7/9/15

Comments: The hooks are sticky sharp, and the lure itself has a very "metally" sound. All the metal componets come together and make a very unusual sound.

From: Matt: Plainfield, IL 6/13/15

Comments: Firstly, bass crush this bait. Period. If it catches fish it catches fish and should be a welcomed lure to anyone's tackle box. It moves in the water like I've never seen, I even researched this bait before I bought it and yet still when I tied it on it blew me away. The hooks on this bait are extremely sharp and haven't given me any issues on setting a hook or coming out during a fight nor have they bent in any way (yet). Overall if you're a topwater Fisher and love it when a bass comes up and explodes on a bait this is a bait to buy.

From: Corey: Tifton, GA 4/4/15

Comments: I have never seen a bait that elicits such violent reactions from fish. They absolutely crush it and the quality of bites seems to be above average. Surprised at how well the hardware holds up as well.

From: Beau: Guntersville, AL 11/16/14

Comments: This lure catches fish. This lure produce so much noise that it drives fish nuts that it has to bite this lure. Plus its a unique looking lure which no fish has seen before, so fishing over pressured area is no problem.

From: Lee: OK 8/31/14

Comments: Sound, movement, and huge wakes are impressive, downside need immediate replacement of hooks..bent the RR hook on the first 5lber, then one of three trebles snapped (literally) on 7+. Love the green frog color, and not having to carry a follow up bait; as the fish will strike more than once on this bait for some reason.(not even a buzzbait can do that..I've tried!) If you want jaw dropping topwater strikes, this pompadour is for you!

From: Louie: CA 8/25/14

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