Jerry Rago Bluegill Line Through Paddle Tail - $17.99

The Jerry Rago Bluegill Line Thru Boot Tail Swimbait is one of the most realistic bluegill baits on the market. It features an anatomically correct profile complete with realistic fins and color patterns, and its boot tail also generates a tempting thump that allows you to fish it super slow. Great for fishing on beds, the belly hook is a premium Owner treble hook that actually pulls well through grass and other vegetation. Available in several colors, the Jerry Rago Bluegill Line Thru Boot Tail Swimbait is especially deadly around the spawn.

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Bluegill 4-1/2" 1.75oz
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Jerry Rago Bluegill Line Through Paddle Tail

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Comments: bait has great action, that being said i would not buy another one, tore completely after
catching one small fish

From: Sid: Billings, MT

Comments: Pros: Incredibly realistic swimming action, very sharp treble hook,...Cons: color could be more "realistic," not durable at all. After one three pound bass, the bait was ripped, torn, and just flat out trashed. Every other cast, I had to keep re-inserting the internal line guide. One eye came off and the belly split open like I cut it with a knife. I was able to put it back together with some super glue, but it just sucks that a $18 bait, intended for the biggest of the big largemouths, can't hold up to one three pound bass. I went on to catch three more bass (none bigger than 4.5lbs) on the bait but it was a chore having to doctor the bait after each catch and each fish. Also, don't cast this bait like a hard-bodied bat; lob it. If you don't "lob" it, you'll put too much pressure on the internal line guide and it will force the line guide out of the nose of the bait.

From: Barry: Columbia, SC

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