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Famed for their ability to catch, Jerry Rago Swimbaits have been a longtime favorite among professional and amateur tournament anglers alike. The latest addition to Rago's hand-poured legacy is the Jerry Rago Generic Baby Bass – a super-soft baby bass imitation that's packing some serious action. 

Flush with intricate bass details throughout, the Jerry Rago Generic Baby Bass features lifelike fins, 3D eyes, and a hard-pounding boot tail that really brings it to life. Hand-poured and incredibly soft, the colors on the Jerry Rago Generic Baby Bass are clear, clean, and nothing short of amazing.

Built using the classic line-through design, the Jerry Rago Generic Baby Bass features a durable metal insert that makes rigging straightforward and easy. Complete with a razor-sharp Owner treble and split ring, the Jerry Rago Generic Baby Bass is a must-have for any trophy hunter, swimbait enthusiast, or serious tournament angler.

Jerry Rago Length Weight
Generic Baby Bass  7.5" 3.20oz

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Jerry Rago Generic Baby Bass

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Comments:  This bait is legit, swims great but make sure to super glue the eyes in, mine came off on the first fish I got

From: Unknown: USA 4/3/14

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