Jerry Rago Glide Gill

Jerry Rago Glide Gill

Jerry Rago has done it again with the Jerry Rago Glide Gill. Incredibly realistic, it combines the effectiveness of a glide bait with one of lunker bass’ favorite meals - bluegill. Made out of durable resin and perfectly weighted for the glide motion style of fishing, its patented V-joint hinge system is very durable and works incredibly well, helping the Glide Gill produce a consistent, wide gliding action. On a slow to medium retrieve, the Glide Gill does a slow, steady 1-foot wide S-motion, and when you pump the reel handle at different intervals, you can get it to glide two to even three feet in either direction. The Glide Gill is also easy to cast long distances and its tail section is also easily replaced with a single screw. Available in a range of colors, don’t settle for anything less than the Jerry Rago Glide Gill.

Jerry Rago Length Weight
Glide Gill 7.5" 4-oz

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2 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a great bait! Spent the last few weeks getting lots of followers on the Deps 250 but no takers .... changed profiles to the Glide Gill. They crushed it... and its well past Gill eating season. Glides great and calls em in. Rago does it again.

From: Steve: Venice, CA

Comments: Fished it for a couple of weeks but sold it because it just doesn't swim as well as my Japanese glide baits. I really wanted it to work but it just doesn't produce like a Deps or Gan Craft. Also, comparing them to the ones my friends bought, the sink rates are very inconsistent.

From: David: Austin, TX

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