Jerry Rago Mini BV 3D Pro Inline Swimbait - $18.99

The Jerry Rago Mini BV 3D Inline Swimbait is a smaller 5-1/2" version of the bait that Byron Velvick used in his wire-to-wire victory at Clear Lake, California in the Bassmaster Elite Series Golden State Shootout. Bringing 3D to a previously 2D world, the Mini BV 3D delivers the same performance in a more bite-size presentation. Available in a variety of colors while supplies last, the Jerry Rago Mini BV 3D Swimbaits provide the incredible detail and life-like action that Rago Baits have been known for out West for years - and each bait also comes equipped with a premium Owner Treble Hook.

Jerry Rago Length Weight
Mini BV 3D 5-1/2" 1-oz

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Jerry Rago Mini BV 3D Pro Inline Swimbait

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  • Blue Ghost
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  • Kokanee
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  • Light Hitch
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  • Shad
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  • TW Shad
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Comments: I literally caught a 9lb 3oz largemouth my first trip out with this bait last year. It gets an unbelievable amount of attention (followers) even when the fish aren't actively feeding. Great shallow water search bait.

From: Heath: Aiken, SC 2/23/15

Comments: Great bait! It swims true but you might need to repair it soon. Not very durable but still love it.

From: Carson: AL

Comments: the baits are so good. i have about 5 now and will be buying more. i took them out and on the first cast i had an eight pounder hit it and the fight was awesome.

From: David: CA

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