Jerry Rago Rago Alpha Rat

Jerry Rago Rago Alpha Rat

Bass are opportunistic by nature and known for feeding on whatever they can, whenever they can. This includes a struggling rat on the water’s surface. Based upon this principle, the Jerry Rago New Rat provides anglers with a lifelike, single-jointed rat imitation that’s perfect for targeting trophy bass.

Handmade in the Jerry Rago factory in Bishop, CA, the Jerry Rago New Rat is built with a close attention-to-detail, including beady rat eyes, etched texturing, and a lively rubber rat tail. At the front, the Jerry Rago New Rat features a precisely placed bill that gives it a lifelike action and a natural swimming motion in the water.

Highly effective around ambush points and vegetation, the Jerry Rago New Rat is just what you need to boat extra-large bass and "oblita-rat" that competition. 

Length Weight
4" 1-1/4oz
4.5" 2-1/8oz 
6.25" 4oz 

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4 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: First Rat swim bait and it look amazing in the water. Although i did have the standard hooks get tangled together a lot. With that being the only problem i have had, i would say this bait performs as well as any other "Rat" on the market.

From: Dan: Lincoln, NE 6/28/14

Comments: Let's just start off by saying this Rat flat out catches fish. This was my second rat, the first being the baby possum. Not having much confidence in the baby possum, I ordered the 4.5" Alpha Rat. The bait is a sweet compact rat that has an original "wobble" to it. It has great movement at low speeds. A down fall to this bait is at high speeds it tends to blow out and spiral. I'm not sure if this is the same for all the baits. I'm getting the smaller and larger version shortly. So I will be able to answer that question. All around great rat. I would suggest it to someone wanting to start throwing top water swimbaits.

From: Randall: Sacramento, CA 6/15/14

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