Jewel Bait Football Heads - $5.69

Jewel Baits Football Head Jigs possess several features which make them unique. The fiber weedguard allows the bait to pull through heavy cover like brush, trees and big rocks. While the concave head below the eye of the hook creates a rocking movement that allows the jig to roll over tree limbs, staying in the strike zone longer. The head is also painted with a tough, chip-resistant, custom powder coat finish. Each Jewel Baits Football Head Jig is also equipped with Mustad Hooks for solid hook-sets.

Skirting Material

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Jewel Bait Football Heads

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Jewel Football Heads 3/4oz 3pk $5.69 10+
Jewel Football Heads 1/2oz 3pk $5.69 10
Jewel Football Heads 3/8oz 3pk $5.69 5
Jewel Bait Football Heads 1oz 2pk $5.69 4

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Comments: Fantastic jighead, i tyed my own color with a pumpkin green flake and a Watermelon/brown/black naked bait skirt material and i caught about 70 fish on (1) jighead, no problems from this great product.

From: Matt: Miami, FL

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