Jewel Bait Jeff Kriet Squirrel Head Jig 3pk

The Jewel Squirrel Head Jig is named after bass professional Jeff Kriet, nicknamed "The Squirrel" after getting upstaged by a water skiing squirrel at a sports show. The Squirrel Jig Head is a football shape jig head with a horizontal line-tie and features an exclusive Mustad custom run hook. A wire barb bait keeper will secure any soft plastic to the Squirrel Head’s hook shank, while reducing rips and tears and preventing dislodgment when skipped under docks. The Squirrel Head’s line is set close to the jig head, reducing hang-ups and snags.

Squirrel Tail Worm

Jeff Kriet's Falcon Squirrel Tail Worm Rod

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is by far the best shakey head out there. Barely needs a hook set & it keeps your soft plastics from tearing. And is a cinch to rig your plastic on! If you want a stouter hook, check out the magnum finesse head from Jewel Bait Company! They work great as well!

From: Josh: Lakeview, AR 7/7/15

Comments: This is a quality shaky head, I catch a lot of fish on these shaky heads. The footbal head design rolls over rocks very well and gets hung up very little. If you have your drag set right on your reel and use the right size line then the hook is just fine. Shaky head is a FINESSE presentation and when you use 6 pound test that light wire hook is very effective because you dont have to set the hook very hard to dig that hook into the fish. Any fish you lose on this shaky head is your own fault, not the hooks.

From: Dylan: Flower Mound, Texas

Comments: best Shakey head on the market.

From: Greg: Dallas, TX

Comments: man these baits right here are the real deal. there great paired with a jeff kriet squirrel tail worm. I caught a 4 pounder on this shakey head and I was using 8 pound test. And to all the people that said the hooks are to lite wire and they straighten out. Yeah because I bet y'all were setting the hook to hard. Next Time try reeling up the slack and gently pulling the hook into the fish. It works for me and I've caught some good ones doing it. If u decide to get all mad about it and blame the shakey head and not try to correct the problem than ur ganna miss out on some quality fish

From: Jared: KY

Comments: Love these!  Perfect for what Kriet designed it for--light line finesse fishing. With this hook you just reel tight and lift and it's set. No need for hard hook sets that break light line anyway. I mostly use a trick worm and the bait keeper has worked great. I caught a 6.5 pounder on it and the hook was fine for many more fish.

From: Matt: Newnan, GA

Comments: I just have to say a word to those talking about the hook straightening out with this particular shakey head.  THIS IS A FINESSE SHAKEY HEAD!!!  It doesn't even require a hookset you just lean into it and start reeling.  That was Kriets intention when designing it.  If he is fishing this shakey head he is fishing it on very light line and with a limber rod and dang good drag.  This is not a shakey head for thick brush and heavy line and bone jarring hooksets.  It is for clear water, pressured fish, and other finesse situations.

From: Josh: Pickens, SC

Comments:  Best head design out there but the bait keeper and hook are horrible.  I have had these hooks strighten out on hooksets.  I will not buy them again until the hook changes.

From: Nick: Fort Worth, TX

Comments: Hook is waaaayyyyy too light.

From: Bob-O: Winnebago, IL

Comments: terrible, terrible, terrible. i been testing out shakey heads and was trying these out the other day. yes they have a sharp fine wire hook, which does no good considering on easy fish become unbuttoned. i lost an easy 5lber and 4lber at the boat from the hook pulling on one and for some reason the hook was basically pulled straight. not a durable hook and would not put my trust in it.

Comments: When fishing at Logan Martin for our famous, hateful, spots you have to be good with a shaky head. I have fished with most all of them and this is by far the best design. I have won tournaments because I can skip this little jig head farther under docks and piers to get the bigger fish most miss. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

From: Thomas: Trussville, AL

Comments: Best shakey head I have ever used. Love the head design and wire hook. Fished one all day on rocks and never lost one. Highly recommend..

From: Roger: South Carolina, USA

Comments:  Excellent design, but the hook flexes too much to be effective on long casts.  Lost too many keeper fish this year because they threw or straightened the hook.  Would love to see a stouter hook, then they have the perfect jighead.

From: Matt: Broken Arrow, OK

Comments: They work great, used them with his squirrel tail worm. They held the worm well even after a couple of fish.

From: Tony: Centre, AL

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