Jewel Bait Magnum Shakey Heads 4pk - $6.49

Offering a range of heavier sizes perfect for fishing larger finesse worms and soft plastics, the Jewel Magnum Shakey Heads also feature super sharp, custom designed Mustad Ultra Point hooks, which are exclusive to Jewel Jigs and greatly increase hook up and landing percentages. Jewel designed Magnum Shakey Heads for the popular finesse style of fishing. Featuring their proven Pro Spider Jig Head design, they come through rocks and cover without snagging, and present finesse worms at a natural stance.  Also featuring a wire hook keeper and durable powder coat finish, the Jewel Magnum Shakey Heads are perfect for bumping up your offering and going after that bigger class of fish.

4 per pack

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Jewel Bait Magnum Shakey Heads 4pk

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Jewel Magnum Shakey Heads 5/16 $6.49 3
Jewel Magnum Shakey Heads 7/16 $6.49 5+
Jewel Magnum Shakey Heads 9/16 $6.49 5

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