Keitech Live Impact Worm 10pk - $4.29

The Keitech Live Impact is a ringed body, forked fin tail finesse bait. The Live Impact is a super buoyant worm with natural squid scent. The Live Impact is extremely versatile, Texas rig, drop shot, jig head, wacky and jig trailer are all effective ways to fish this bait. In the middle section of the body, there is a no-ring section that indicates the best position to wacky rig.

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Keitech Live Impact Worm 10pk

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  • Black
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  • Bluegill
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  • Green Pumpkin
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  • Sahara Olive
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  • Silver Shad
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  • Watermelon PP.
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Comments: I bought one pack each of the Bluegill and Green pumpkin, the blue gill is the bomb, I have caught fish on both but the Bass seem to really like the BG color better right now. My buddy and I were out the other day he was chucking the Blue gill, I was trying some larger stuff and he was wacking some nice ones. I said I have to stick with that, sure enough, bam, then a few others as well. Saw a few other people on the lake and at the ramp they said the fishing stunk, We just said eh we got a few. lol!!  Great bait! just ordered 5 more packs.

From: Joe: PA 6/3/14

Comments: GREAT GREAT GREAT bait for drop-shotting. It always catches fish for me. 

From: Ricky: Diamond Valley Lake CA.

Comments: Awesome baits. Very slender and short, which gives them a compact profile. Great colors patterns; superb cold water baits. They've done wonderful for me on a drop shot or shakey head. A lot of people say it's a small bait for a shakey head, but it's phenomenal for filling a limit.

From: Zach: NJ

Comments: I just starting using the Live Impact for drop shotting this spring. It has consistently caught fish when nothing else would work. Great subtle swimming action as the bait suspends in the stike zone. I rig it with a 1/0 Gamakatsu drop shot hook and 1/4 oz drop shot weight with a spinning rod and 8-10lb test flourocarbon line. I highly recommend this bait.

From: Terry: Boston, MA

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