Keitech Shad Impact

Keitech Shad Impact

Soft jerk baits are known fish catchers and the Keitech Shad Impact is one of the premier baits on the market today. The Shad Impact is super soft so it can perfectly mimic baitfish movements. The natural fish shape is attractive to all kinds of fish in both fresh and salt water. The Shad Impact is marinade in a strong squid scent for added fish attraction. Because of their streamlined shape they glide and swoop through the water easily with the slightest twitch of the rod tip. When paused the Shad Impact falls slowly with a side to side wobble similar to a soft stick bait.

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Length Quantity
5" 6
4" 8

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have 2 words to describe this thing... pond killer! I used the 4" in Ayu and caught 10 decent sized bass in maybe 30 minutes and i wasnt close to being done. The action on these things is amazing and drives the bass nuts. Its basically a combo of the 2 most famous baits the fluke and the senko. Fish it like a fluke and then let it fall like a senko and any bass in the area will bite it 9 times out of 10. But as with any great bait, these only last a few fish if that. But the scent, packaging and detail are great. If you have a pond use ayu. If you are at a lake or pond with baitfish however, slight flash or the other shad colors are great. Lastly these colors have worked for me in all water clarity & weather conditions. Ill for sure be buying a lot more of these in the next week or two.

From: Ryan: Chicago, IL 5/5/15

Comments: Great bait but tear easy. I use a size 4/0 Skinny Bear J hook with some super glue on the tip of the hook. The glue will help keep it in place and last a little bit longer. Mend it also help. I have three color and so far the Ayu is the best color.

From: Pao: Fresno, CA

Comments: waste of money, baits tear easy, roll down on the hook

From: Pete: Mahopac, NY

Comments: Origanally bought these for a bay fishing trip but used most of them while bass fishing just trying them out. The Gold and Sexy shads where a big hit. Have not even gone on the trip yet but I have a feeling that the salty water fish will love to play with this bait.

From: Mike: GA

Comments: don't waste your $, these things suck, shh :) shh i'll waste my $ :)

From: AJ: Dirty Jer-z

Comments: Do not buy Keitech baits - so there will be plenty in stock for me and partner. The only problem with the Shad Impact is on the butt end of the fishing rod. I am impressed.

From: Rex: LaGrange, GA

Comments: nice jerkbait action good color selection.  my best colors are gold and silver flash minnow

From: Jeff: North Jersey

Comments: This is a GREAT BAIT! fished as a jerk/twitch bait on a weedless hook (nose hooked) and 6-10# line, the action is unbelievable. there's no wrong way to fish these lure's that i've found. they are fragile but that's what mend-it is for. the sexy shad color and blue flash simply slay lg. and sm. mouth bass. i would match this bait to any on the market, bar none!

From: Wes: Salinas, CA

Comments:Killed the pollock, cod and haddock on the Keitech Shad

From:Chester: Bolton Landing, NY

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