Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Head

Built with a high-density tungsten compound, the Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Head allows anglers to work through areas of heavy cover with increased sensitivity. By nature, tungsten is 30% denser than lead products of the same weight, which gives it a smaller, more compact profile. These properties also allow the Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Head to navigate areas where a bulkier, lead jighead might get hung up, and let’s anglers know exactly what’s on the bottom. Equipped with a hand-glued, 5-strand fiber weedguard, the Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Head deflects obstruction and keeps the razor-sharp 2/0 hook free of snags. Get your hands on the Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Head today and feel the difference. 

Weight Quantity
1/4oz 3
5/16oz 2
3/8oz 2
1/2oz 2

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Keitech Super Football Head 1/4 $7.19 10+
Keitech Super Football Head 3/8 $7.19 10+
Keitech Super Football Head 1/2 $7.49 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I was a little disappointed when I got these. I was excited to find tungsten football heads, but the hook is way too small to use with any standard double tailed spider type grubs on the market. They were obviously made specifically to pair up with Keitechs tiny little 3" spider grub, which is an excellent downsized bait for finesse fishing. I had hopes they would have had at least a 4/0 hook to use with a standard 5" spider grub. 

From: Bassman: Upstate, NY

Comments:Good jig heads. Nice to find something with a smaller hook size. Would be even nicer if they offered them with a 1/0 hook even smaller to fish smaller plastics deep. Only complaint on one jig head the fiber guards fell out(they are pricey). Haven't had that problem with any others. Second thing is I wish they put twice as many fiber guards on the football jig head to protect the hook more from snags.

From:Chad: Landrum, SC

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