Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Conditioner

Kevin VanDam's Line & Lure Conditioner

Professional Line and Lure Conditioner is a product developed by top pro money winner Kevin VanDam. Kevin is promoting this product because it works and even comes with a guarantee! Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure Conditioner is GUARANTEED to improve casting distance and line control. In addition, this conditioner will virtually eliminate line memory, backlash tangles, and line twist in spinning reels and will improve performance of all line types, including fluorocarbon and braids. Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure Conditioner does not have any scent and no oily residue, it will dry smooth and tack free on both your line and lures.

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Customer Reviews

Comments: As the temp rises I find that the fluro I fish with starts to become stiffer and unmangable but after a few fine mist of this product problem solved. I simpley chuck my lure as far as I can and about every three turns with the reel handle I apply a fine mist, lay the rod aside and allow it to cure in the sun for about 30 minutes or so and I'm back to fishing that rod. I would highly recommend this product, will buy more.

From: Jack: South Point, OH 5/26/15

Comments: I had tried other kinds of similar products with much no real results. In fact, some seemed to make my line worse over time. Not this stuff! Used it while re-spooling some of my baitcasters and let it sit overnight. The next morning when I went out on the water I made a cast with a 1/4 oz spinner on my Lew's Tourney Pro. threw it so far that I ended up about 10 ft. up in the limbs of a tree that was a few feet up on the bank lol. it probably added 10 yards of distance to my cast with the lightest of lures. AWESOME PRODUCT!

From: Justin: Dunn, NC 3/23/15

Comments: This stuff is truly amazing. A couple of my reels still have Sunline Fluoro I used last year and after applying this conditioner liberally it is like new and still really strong. 6-5-14

From: Johns: Permisan Basin 6/5/14

Comments: I really don't know much about KVD and I usually avoid things with his name on it simply because I am not one to promote celebrities. I tried this stuff primarily because of the reviewers who came before me.  Wow!  Color me impressed.  I simply cast further and smoother than ever before. I still can get a tangle if I really try to, but even when I do get a tangle it comes out super easy.  No longer do I call it a "backlash". I know I would have become a better caster much faster if I knew about this stuff before.  Oh the wasted time and wasted line...  Well, not anymore!

From: Mike: USA 6/2/14

Comments: I have been using this for a few year now, I love it! I have had rods sitting for months with old line, cast like @$$! One spray with this stuff and it get that line good and juicy, perfect for long casts! This stuff extends the life of your line and causes smoother and farther casts.

From: Chris: Plumas Lake, CA

Comments: This stuff just plain works and it's biodegradable ,not greasy or oily.This is all I.ll ever use from now on.

From: Tony: West Chester, PA

Comments: something everyone should have. It basicly pays for itself because it extends the life of line.

Comments: I'm a believer!  I bought this spray and it does miracles on my braid and fluoro lines.  Definitely a must have for serious anglers out there!

From: Cher: WI

Comments: This is the ONLY thing to put on your line.  I spray it on a rag then pull the line through the rag as I spool my reels.  You wouldn't believe the crap it removes from new line off the spool and how well your line will be conditioned.  Every night before going fishing just drench your line spooled on the reel and your line will feel like new the next day.  This will NOT harm your reel or your rod.
I have bought dozens of the small bottles, it's time to just buy a gallon of this stuff!  Quite a deal considering a gallon is the equivalent of 32 4oz bottles (1 gallon = 128oz).  I'm no math expert but that's a heck of a savings for me!

From: Clint: Lee's Summit, MO

Comments: Spray this on your sunline and it'll last 3 months. Reapply every couple of weeks.

Comments: Well....... um there is no other way to put it. This stuff works wonders for me.... I can cast 10-15 yards further with just 1 spray down!

From: Robbie: FL

Comments: I soak down every spool I buy.

From: Bill: Gainesville, FL

Comments: This spray PLAIN OUT WORK.. I never go fishing with out it. For best results stray on your line the night before you go fishing. Its amazing try it you wont be sorry!

From: Sonny: East Wareham, MA

Comments: This stuff works great on anything from braid to flouro it really helps limp the line up and cast smoother and farther its a big help with flouro line mostly.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments:  Product performs great. Noticable difference after first use. Would like to see a size between Gallon and 4 ounces however

From: Reid: Elk River, MN

Comments:This stuff is amazing, absolutely the best line conditioner out there. It makes any line very easy to manage, I used it on p lines cxx and it makes it very supple very little memory with this.

From:Jeff: Dyer, IN

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