LIVETARGET Bluegill Crankbait

The Live Target Bluegill is as exciting to anglers with a passion for the art of crankbait fishing as it is irresistible to Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike. Astute anglers will value the natural shape and refined swimming action of the Live Target Bluegill, designed to mimic an isolated Bluegill frantically fleeing from a predator. Precision tooling provides unrivaled detail in the body and is finished with a cutting edge multi-layered paint process to make the Live Target Bluegill come alive.

LIVETARGET Length Weight Class Depth
Shallow (BG57S) 2-1/4" 1/4oz Floating 3-4ft
Medium (BG57M) 2-1/4" 1/4oz Floating 5-6ft
Shallow (BG70S) 2-3/4" 1/2oz Floating 3-4ft
Medium (BG70M) 2-3/4" 1/2oz Floating 5-6ft

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2 Colors

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    Model No. BG57S102
    Metallic Gloss
    Size Stock Qty
    57M 5
    57S 5+
    70M 5+
    70S 5+
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    Model No. BG57S100
    Natural Matte
    Size Stock Qty
    57M 3
    57S 5+
    70M 5+
    70S 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is an awesome crankbait with a very realistic profile & tight wiggling action. If you twitch this lightly, it will flair out side to side erratically & act like a fleeing bluegill. Using a steady, stop & go retrieve & adding a couple of these twitches will trigger a lot of bass, especially on pressured waters.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO 7/4/16

Comments: Have a 2 1/4 inch medium natural & have to say one of my favorite crank baits of all time. Was very skeptical of live-target at first always thought it was a gimmick, boy that was a mistake. Same day caught & unbelievable amount of fish 3 over the 5 pound mark & missed one that was a pure giant right at dark. You don't need to go very big on this bait either, have a bigger one and it just doesn't produce like the 2.25 inch. Believe me it targets big fish but also can catch the smaller ones in areas that lack the giants. I fish it year round in all water colors & it produces in even my most finicky ponds bass will annihilate it. As long as the area you fish has bluegill this bait flat out works!

From: Brandon: LA 5/3/16

Comments: Great lure for throwing around beds or ledges. The bigger bass attack these. 6lb 10oz yesterday on third cast throwing around beds. Great slow glide/wake action, or tight wobble fast action. Slow rise is good for depth control in the shallows when working slow. I will be buying more

From: Aaron: GA 4/19/15

Comments: for anyone have a problem with any crank bait paint chiping try using a polyurethane in a spray can. as long as i dont loose the bait i rarely have to replace one.

From: Jason: Ruston, LA 3/27/14

Comments: This lure is just all out amazing. I used this lure early in the morning when the bass were chasing bluegill and I landed a 7 pound bass and throughout the day caught several 2-3 pound bass.

From: Kruz: Marshalltown,Iowa US

Comments: This lure casts great on light line. I was actually watching it swim back to me thinking about how realistic it looked when a 30LB snapping turtle attacked and destroyed the bait. Turtle's reaction....Annilation.

From: Greg: AL

Comments: These things are amazing!Just go ahead and buy one!

From: Maclovio: Long Beach, CA

Comments: I bought a couple styles of the live target baits and neither one of them would run true. I guess you are paying for the paint job. I took them out of my tackle box. Will stick with the tried and True Rapala!

From: Charlie: New Haven, IN

Comments: Tried this out for the first time today. Caught about 10 bass on it from 2-4 pounds. They weren't just nipping at it either. They were KILLING it.

From: Ryan: CT

Comments: If you r looking at this lure and going should I get it or not don't think twice get this lure the best one i think is the 57s natural matte its so realistic and bass love it I've been buying them for 4 years now and you would have to be a fool not to get some I went to a pond the other day and caught 15 bass in 25 mins this lure is no joke and if you fish clear ponds and lakes you will own the day guarantee to out fish any of your lures 5 to 1 and I never use to like bass fishing but live Target changed my mind and if you r looking at this one the pumpkinseed natural matte 57s is also a great one hope you have fun with this lure. One more thing make sure when you throw out on the pond or lake to burn it the bass go crazy

From: Wyatt: Grant Park, IL

Comments: I have the 57M and it has produced many bass for me.  I like how realistic it is and the size i got it in.  I like the bill to be small but where it can get down at least 8 feet and this is exactly what this lure does.  Very good crankbait. I recommend you pick up a few!

Comments: I have the 1/2oz shallow version and this bait is an absolute killer when the bluegill begin to spawn. Make a cast about 4' out from a bluegill bed and hang on! It looks like a bluegill but I'm not sure if Koppers intended it to swim like a bluegill or if it was an accident but it does have a swimming motion that is similar to a bluegill, completely different from other flat sided cranks. get some!!

From: Dan: Minersville, PA

Comments: Just did serious damage with this lure earlier today...5 bass ranging from 2-4 lbs in 15 minutes of bank fishing. Only reason i stoped fishing was cuz i caught a 20lb grass carp and ruined the trebbles. Suprisingly the finish on the bait held up beautifully. Can cast it 100 miles. 

From: Greg: Okeechobee, FL

Comments:  I just fished this lure the other day and I can tell you that I was simply amazed!  I live in an area where small bluegill are a primary forage for bass so I figured the lure would produce fish, however, on the day I was using it, I really ddn't expect to catch fish.  You see, I live in IOWA and the ice had only been off the water for four (4) days!  Water temps were between 47 and 49.  I figured most bites would be on plastics but on a whim I tied on the Koppers Bluegill.  Second cast....WHAM..4 pounder.  I ended up catching quite a few fish on it and I couldn't be more surprised or happy!  It's a go-to lure for me from now on.

From: Lightning Rod: Jefferson, IA

Comments: Yes I have some of these and they are very realistic.  Only problem is they sometimes don't run true out of the package.  I do like this bait and will continue to throw it.

From: Eddie: Mount Airy, NC

Comments:The BG70S (1/2 oz, shallow, matte) has earned at every lake I have thrown it.  Not only is the look of the lure detailed to perfection, the wobble is eerily similar to a bluegill, only adding to what an incredible job Koppers did with this series.

From: Chris: North Haven, CT

Comments:I ordered several of these new baits to use in Mittry Reservoir, (outside Yuma AZ) where the main forage is Bluegill. These baits are quite heavy for their size and making long casts is easy. They are very stable in the water. I was able to jerk and rip them as well as just stop and go without upsetting the bait. When my order arrived I made a quick run to the lake and spent about 90 minutes fishing. I tried out both the smaller and larger size baits. I caught one nice Bass, 3lb+, on the smaller bait. I can't wait to get back on the water and do a more thorough job of testing...grin.

From:Garry: Yuma, AZ

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