LIVETARGET Hollow Body Frog

msrp: $11.99

Winner of the 2010 ICAST - Best Soft Lure Award - the Live Target Hollow Body Frog is one of the most detailed and realistic frog baits to ever hit the market. Anatomically correct with unprecedented detailing, it sits in the water on the pause just like a real frog - tempting bass from below. Designed for fishing way back in the thickest mats and vegetation you can find, the body of the Hollow Body Frog is extremely soft, providing excellent collapsibility, and easily exposing the bait's super sharp wide-gap double-hook. For anyone who loves catching bass on a frog, the Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog is hard to miss.

Live Target Hollow Frog Length Depth Class
FGH45T 1-3/4" 0 feet Floating
FGH55T 2-1/4" 0 feet Floating
FGH65T 2-5/8" 0 feet Floating

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10 Colors

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    Model No. FGH45T516
    Albino White
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T517
    Size Stock Qty
    45T Yes
    55T Yes
    65T Yes
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T-513
    Bright Green
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T503
    Brown Black
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T514
    Emerald Brown
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T-512
    Florescent Green Yellow
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T-508
    Green Brown
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T500
    Green Yellow
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T502
    Tan Brown
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+
  • View Large
    Model No. FGH45T501
    Yellow Black
    Size Stock Qty
    45T 5+
    55T 5+
    65T 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: This is a good frog that is very soft. It catches fish and has a good hook up ratio. the only problem is that this frog is not durable and the legs fall out after a month or two. The paint is very detailed but chips and comes off very easily.

From: Juan Pablo: NJ 2/7/17

Comments: The only frog I'll ever use. Easily the best frog on the market. If you don't have one yet you better grab a few. They're super durable and will last a whole season of monster bass blowups with no problems!!

From: Josiah: Oregon 1/23/17

Comments: I've been a fan of these since moving to FL in 2008 & have caught 2 Trophy Catch qualifiers on them. I've used others but this brand seems to work best for me coming through pads and heavy vegetation without getting hung up. As for tearing, don't expect them to last if you're feeding them to toothy critters. Just get some gel super glue. And if the legs fall off go get a rubber skirt & do the same. My fishing club of more than 285 members knows that I will only promote what works for the area I fish. This may work for you too.

From: Steve: Lady Lake, FL 11/25/16

Comments: Fished the Emerald Green color today for the first time today. Have to say that livetarget is my favorite frog brand after today. Trimmed the legs about a half inch, bent the hooks slightly off the body before fishing it. Walks the dog extremely easy, sits naturally in the water & draws the attention of big bass. Brought me 20 fish, with a 5 lb. And 4lb. bass today. After all those fish, it still doesn't fill up with water as bad as the spro, or the sexy frog. Very pleased, will definitely be tied on next tournament.

From: Tyler: IL 7/16/16

Comments: This frog is one of the best on the market. They're weel-made & walk great. They are totally worth the investment but last for-ever. The only problem is the rubber bands will come out after a while & a few fish.


Comments: great frog ..I've caught over 100 fish on the yellow frog ..but after 20 or so fish it will start to tear so I always keep super glue or finger nail glue in my box for repairs

From: Bret: Milwaukee, WI 2/6/16

Comments: Top quality frog. Easy to cast,easy to walk,very soft body but still durable, sharp hooks, unsinkable, weedless,great colors choice.

From: Ben: France 12/27/15

Comments: One of the best hollow body frogs on the market. Can't get enough of these things! very soft, realistic, great colors and just plain catches pigs!

From: Sammuel: TX 12/16/15

Comments: I bought a Live Target frog at the beginning of this season & it is still going strong after tons of blow ups and fish. The hookup ratio is good and quality is top notch. This is by far the best frog I have used! 

From: Tim: MN 9/11/15

Comments: Love this frog. Best Ive used. Cause a 6 and 7 lb'r on the brown one. It will fill with water after few casts, but squeeze it out. no biggie. God bless.

From: Mike: Cumming, GA 8/31/15

Comments: Decent frog. Catches fish but after about 10 fish it's done. Happened to all 3 that I bought. I much prefer the Booyahs. Catch just as many fish but are much more durable and are half the price

From: Josh: GA 8/19/15

Comments: Disappointed in the quality & durability of the skirted legs. Ive had several of these frogs for a few years now. This Spring when I got them out to use them, the rubber skirted legs were all dry-rotted & fell off. Now I have three $11.00 frogs that are worthless. I guess now it doesn't matter how great they look & how well their hookup ratio is.

From: John: Western, KY 8/19/15

Comments: It puzzles me how people say this is super durable. My first hit with a fish tore the bottom, which lead to the frog being filled with water every cast. Then again, that was a pike so... Anyway, this was my first frog and I was very excited to see a fish come up to take a bite. It also seems to be highly praised so I will definitely be giving it another try in the near future.

From: JR: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada 7/29/15

Comments: Great frog it looks very realistic and it is very detailed. The hooks are very stout and strong they easily stand up to 65 lb braid and stick fish great. This frog walks well too and I got 5 bites last night with this frog and landed all 5.

From: Matt: IN 6/6/15

Comments: This is the best frog on the market. It is super durable, it has a great hook up ratio and it has caught 10 pounders! If a bass doesn't take it all the way, it will fill with water, however it won't sink, it is a little expensive, but is worth it in the long run. Get yourself some of these now and you won't be sorry.

From: Zach: Marietta, GA 6/4/15

Comments: This is the best frog out there bar none caught 20 bass in 2 hours not one problem spro is good but live target is the best by far

From: Rowdy: NC 5/26/15

Comments: Decent frog, very weedless, walks the dog, sits slightly nose up in the water, has awesome detail. Problems I have had with them are filling almost completely with water on every cast, even while constantly moving, and the entire frog body sliding off the hook and up the line when fighting a fish.. The hook slides back in and hasn't ripped a body yet, but the only way to stop the frog from filling with water is to fill the bottom hole with hot glue, which is something a customer shouldn't have to do to an $11 frog, in my opinion. Still my favorite frog out of the brands.

From: A3: GA 4/12/15

Comments: This frog gets a bulk of the time on the water for me, but it isn't always the best option. This is an awesome frog, but there are 3 other frogs that are pretty sweet given the conditions. Enjoy this frog for what it does very well & find another good for what it doesn't do for you.

From: Illiana: USA 2/22/15

Comments: Still the best Frog I use. I've been using these for a few years now and the color I use is magical but I think its the profile this frog has that works. All the colors are great. They get out of the nastiest branches & grass like butter. I've only used the 65 & 55, never the small 45 size. Frog fishing in general has the issue of tricky hook sets. This frog is at least as good as any other like it in terms of hooking into fish. Truly the only hollow body frog one needs to be looking at.

From: Reggie: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Comments: Best frog out there! The way it sits in the water on the pause is awesome, and it only takes a twitch of the rod to entice a strike. I've fished it right next to a spro frog, and the live target frog got twice the strikes. Great hook up ratio and very durable as well.

From: Lance: Houston, TX 2/13/15

Comments: I bought 1 of these at a shop and out of the box the swivel was stuck in a crooked position and thus its action was crooked.  went back to the store, to get another one and out of the 5 they had there all of them had the same crooked swivel. So far this year, i've had a koppers bait ball break off a lip when it landed on shore, I had a deep diving bait ball split in 2 at the rear treble hook, I had the hook on their live target popper snap of one hook, and now this. that's 4 different products and 4 times they either broke or were broken out of the box. either way at the end of the 1st day they all were junk. I don't want to ship anything back to them, because most likely they would just send me another defective pos. 

From: Slade: Casitas, CA 7/1/14

Comments: Good frogs, more of a slop frog than open water. It would be nice if some of the realistic pattern/detail made it to the bottom of the bait. Doesn't do much good on the top. But it's pretty to look at, for whatever that's worth.

From: John: LA

Comments: This is the best frog on the market I have found. The colors are the best, especially the green brown, looks like like a small bullfrog. It casts well and has a very good hookup ratio. What I really like about it is that it doesn't take on water nearly as bad as the others and walks the dog very easily. Use a minimum of 50 pound braid, a heavy action rod, and hang on.

From: Tyler: Grand Junction, CO

Comments: My go to frog. It is soft but durable. It is Super realistic and it gets the job done. My favorite color is the black and yellow in any sizes. I've caught multiple 4+ pound bass with it. We'll worth the money.

From: Jack: Annapolis, MD

Comments: I was new to frog fishing 2 years ago and now I have to say this is my favorite frog. The hook up raito on these compared to the spro frogs is far better I was introduced to frog fishing on the spro and now the ones I have just sit in my box best frog on the market

From: Brandon: St. Albans, VT

Comments: I got this frog for Christmas in the normal bright frog color I think its swamp green but I fished it in New Years and I got a bass so this frog proves this lure catches fish but the thing I recommend is to trim the legs

From: Nicolas: FL

Comments: there are a lot of good frogs on the market, but koppers sits alone at the top. This frog is amazing, from the detail to the action.there are a lot of frogs that do individual things very well, whether they walk or they kick. This frog can do it all and has landed me some giant bass . its the reason im hooked on frogging.

From: Fantasia: Mass

Comments: looks awesome, but the action. Is not awesome. I've fished it for over a year, it looks so good i just keep giving it another shot. But barely any strikes and 0 hookups.

From: Brian: GA

Comments: I recently purchased a live target from and have fished it twice now and im completely sold on them!! Tried it out first at a farm pond and got it hung up a couple times with bad cast and never got it stuck once which normally isnt the case! Ive lost kvd sexy frogs before due to hang ups and wasnt to sure about getting a live target but i got it for free so i couldnt complain and  will def say they are worth every penny! Today fished a new lake and got it hung up multiple times on overhang and other structure and never ever once had to move the boat over to pull it out which like i said before is impressive because im not a seasoned vet fisher or anything ive only been bass fishing for a year and a 1/2 and small lake fishing for only about 2 months so def a very good bait for any fisherman and have already caught about 7 fish on it in 2 trips!! Keep the line tight and watch for them to jump out of the water and try to get off it and enjoy the hits because they are a blast!!!! Very fun bait!!

From: Zach: IL

Comments: I have used Scumfrog, Spro, KVD Sexy Frogs and Boyah Pad Crashers and I will tell you this is the best frog by far! It's soft, it doesn't snag nearly as much as the others and most importantly, my hook up ratio is much better with the Koppers. I have used the 65 and 55 sizes most often in the Yellow and Green colors. I'm not to sure how important the colors on the top of the frog are though. I'm more concerned with the colors on the belly. I really don't care why they work, I know they catch big bass and that's why I get up at 5:30 am! I will say Scumfrogs are great if you're on a budget but the Koppers just seems to work better. This is truly a case of you get what you pay for! I know many anglers worry about whether you can walk a frog or not but I don't. Yes, you can walk this frog if you have the right equipment (MH with an extra fast tip) but I haven't seen a situation yet where I felt walking the frog was necessary. Bottom line, if you like to frog fish, spend the extra money and get this frog!

From: Mike: MN

Comments: I have 9 of these Koppers Live Target Frogs, and work something fierced. I used the Black Tan to land a sizeable 2lb largemouth bass.. There is nothing like a topwater strike. Get you some of these and they will not dissapoint.. The most realistic frog out there and the fish agree.. Get you some of these.

From: Dalton: Swansea, MA USA

Comments: I went to a pond last night to fish but the bass weren't hitting that well until I started throwing a frog. I was using the 45t size. The bass were just smashing the frog. it was right at dark when they were hitting it. I caught a 3lb bass off of it. I will buy more!

From: Andrew: VA

Comments: This frog is the best I've ever fished with. Just helped me place 2nd in my last tournament. Black and tellow was the color. The 55t works best for me.

From: Bryce: Orange County

Comments: Great frog but they need to make a bigger one

From: Brandon: CA Delta

Comments: I have been fishing frogs for years and have never really had a preference before now.  I was always able to make the Spros, Scums, and other frogs walk and work like I wanted with relatively good success.  The Koppers frog just appears to do all of those things a little bit better for me.  It walks without much effort at all. The colors are amazing. Hookup ratio is as good or better than any competitor. The biggest thing for me is that it just seems to get bit a little more than the others and it's now my go to frog.  It may be a confidence thing but I love it. With the 55 size I have caught fish from 12inches to 10lbs. Give one a try.

From: Justin: SC

Comments: By far the best and my favorite frog on the market. the color and hook ups are great, butthe only flaw was 1 weight fell out after 2 years of fishing the same frog. butthe funny thing is that after the weight fell out it ha better hook ups. when i first got this frog i took it out to a crannberry marsh in Warrens, WI an caught 4lbers back to back on it. but deffinatly a great frog and im going to take advantage of this sale.

From: Gavin: Onalaska, WI

Comments: I once was a big spro fan, I thought they were the best. My dad decided to give these a try. These will out fish spro 5 to 1. What I thought was good isn't really good anymore.

From: Steve: Scandinavia WI

Comments: i heard if u put them in boiled water for 30 seconds or so will soften them up significantly . Try it out , hopefully u dont forget about it n make frog soup

From: Adam:

Comments: one of the worst hook up ratio frog on the market. The only thing good about this frog is the color everything else is garbage. Rather buy spro, deps, and tranporters over this product any day.

From: Peter: WI

Comments: Bought this lure and had a few problems. The paint came off after a handful of bites and caught fish. Contacted customer service and they sent me replacements! Very impressed with the company and I know that fish strike these!

From: Justin: NC

Comments: They have changed the thickness of the material these are made out of, it's thicker...Now they don't "walk the dog" worth a crap...Glad I only bought one the other day ! Going back to the $6 Booyah.

From: John: St.Cloud ,FL

Comments: many people talk about the look of these different frogs but they dont touch on how well they walk i have tried many different frogs and they walk much better than many others also the highest quality hooks ive seen on a frog

From: Creg: CA

Comments: To person that said he had problems with weights falling out of these baits. I've never heard of such a thing. Best frog on the market! Are you smacking them off metal docks or what?

From: Jeremy: Indiana,us

Comments: I never got these frogs before they were put on sale but now I know I've been missing out.  Tan yellow best colour hands down.  Better than spro by far. Paycheck frog doesn't compare. 

From: Trenton: WI

Comments: Simply put, Live target and Iobee frogs are the best. You get what you pay for and these live targets are definitely worth the money

From: Master Yoshi: Beijing, China

Comments: Definitely one of the best frogs out on the market and what do u know Tackle Warehouse has some on sale. I fish farm ponds and local Conservationist ponds and the bass just explode on this!Caught my biggest bass on it last summer weighing 5lb 2oz. I've had the best luck with the green/yellow color and the only problems I've had with it is hook sets, you just have to make sure you set it hard. Kudos to Kopper's.

From: Chase: Liberty, MO

Comments: This is far and away the best frog on the market. The only frogs I use. I find the frog ratio superior to other brands. You get what you pay for. I bought my first frog when they came out and many fish later it still performs.

From: Derek: Ontario, Canada

Comments: In 2012, I did a comparison test of 3 hollow body frogs.  Pad Crasher, Iobee, and Koppers. They all performed in that order.  Pad Crasher had the best combination of different actions.  Iobee is the easiest to walk the dog with.  The Koppers just looked good, but didn't really compare to the other two when it came to getting the fish to bite and hooking them. 

From: Thor, MN

Comments: Absolutely no comparison to spro with this frog it's very soft not the softest but a great overall frog, it combines style,color, hooks up ratio all into one frog that's middle of the road priced.  I would recommend this to anybody looking into frog fishing. 

From: Louis

Comments: frog Ive used,but for the price should hold up better. I purchased 7 last year & each one lasted about a weekend of solid frogging. Each ones weight had fell out & paint got stripped after several huge hook ups. Two of them had weight almost immediately fell out when skipping into wood structure.I contacted Livetarget & was told that they have never heard of the issues I pointed out. If your wallet isn't fat, you'll find more durable frog in booyah,spro & River2Sea.

From: Grant: Salem, OR

Comments: snake heads love this frog

From: Brmeff: Philippines

Comments: Caught a 7lb bass in the south florida canals other day, smashed the Green Sienna soon as it came off pads into open water. Great frog no doubt. Also caught other large bass on these frogs and "Snook" love these also here in south FL, lost a medium Green Brown to a massive snook using 50lb braid broke me off. topwater is the best haa

From: Mitchell: Naples, FL

Comments: GREAT frog strong sturdy hooks pretty durable weedless super soft iv caught five out of 8 bass that hit me on this frog walks great and im new to frogs biggest so far was 4 and a half pounds just wish they had mor collors

From: Louis: LA

Comments: this frog gets so many bites but if you dont give them time to eat it the hooks are angled downward if you set it right away it just pulls out but the downward angled hooks make it so you never get weeds

From: Kee: Mason, MI

Comments: The best frog you can buy. Super soft yet super durable. The action is great. When you walk this bait, it looks like a frog struggling to keep its head above water. It bobs up and down consistently in the water. Produces savage strikes and good bass. No need to look further for me. Koppers is my go-to hollow frog.

From: Zach: Pittsylvania, VA

Comments: This goes out to Tackle Warehouse.. We all know that a bass primarily only sees the bottom of the frog. As I look at the pictures of various colors, I sometimes cannot determine what color the fish will see (bottom) I was wondering if you guys would start posting an aditional picture of each frog (the bottom) to make it easier to select a color. Thanks TW, keep up the great service!

From: Alex: Erie, PA

Comments: Best bang for the buck.

From: John: Sacramento, CA 

Comments: The bass on my home waters of Lake Champlain Crush this bait! Not to mention the hooks on this bait are angled up considerably more than the spro hook. I used to have to take pliers to slightly modify the hook on the spro frog to increase my hookups! Not the Koppers frog!

From: Nick: Colchester, VT

Comments: $10.49 for this frog! That's cheap! Here in Sweden they cost $19.26! I think me and my brother are going to order some from this site. This is my favorite frog. I use it for pike and they really loves it.

From: Adam: Sweden

Comments: This frog is awesome caught a 5lb as my first fish. This gets tons of blow ups and if they dont get it the first time throw it out there again and work it slower. And Justin you pay 10.50 because it produces fish and is made very well. Oh and did I mention fish love it. Dont be afraid to get the  65T it might be huge but wow all sized bass will crush this size. The 55T is a good starting size but the 65T is where I will stay from now on

From: Robert: Austin, TX 

Comments: My little froggy has a headache again from being smashed by another big old bass. Koppers is the best as far as strikes and hookups. Ive missed a few of the smaller bass but the big ones just crush it. Use braid, back off on drag and voila. My favorite lure and my favorite way to fish. Order a few, you'll be glad you did.

From: Dan: MD

Comments: 10 bites, 1 hookup. Felt weight, fish took em down, no stick.

From: Sam: CA

Comments: The best hollow body hands down. I have hollow body's from SPRO, KVD, and booyah. Koppers is by far the softest and most realistic.Another thing that seperates it is the hook. Ive compared them all by depressing the body and koppers hook is exposed the most and sits at a greater angle than the others allowing for an easier hook set. Koppers also has 3 different sizes to choose from. They need to come out with a mostly white frog with a little black and brown detail.

From: Jeff: Rensselaer, IN

Comments: In my opinion Koppers has the best frog on the market right now. The hooks are just amazing. But somebody over at Koppers needs to realize Spro has the wildest colors and Koppers colors are all so natural. thats great and all, but at least make a white one Koppers!

From: Matt: IL

Comments: these frogs are okay, not as good as spro frogs, but nice to have when the water is clear ad you need a different presentation. other than that stick with the spro frogs you will get more bites

From: Seth: VA

Comments: Awesome frog. In my opinion, they are better than spro frogs. And there only a couple dollars more than spro's. Buy em, The bass smash em.

From: Shane: Winona, MN

Comments: Best frog ever!! I already loved the company then i started using frogs and this was my first ever frog and its the best out of all the other brands i have. i recomend this lure.

From: Jake: Amherstburg, Ontario, Canada

Comments: This is an awesome frog. The detail is exceptional and super soft. Hooks are sharp and stout. I like this frog a lot, had a bunch eat it, but it doesn't perform as well in open water as a Spro frog. I like both equally, an overall, it catches fish.

From: Aeolian: Kalamazoo

Comments: Fished this frog in a tournament and lost a 4 pounder because the hook came off the body of the frog. I was fishing the 45t size at the time, near pads.Very disapointed at Koppers because they make excellent quality products, but i geuss they didnt care about this one. (Disapointed).

From: Mateo: Longwood, FL

Comments: I got a thought...the fish only see the bottom of the frog so why would they put the fine deail on the top. All it does is make the bait more exspensive. they don't need to do that.

From: Steve

Comments: this bait is a littile bit pricey but u wont be dissapointed when u bye it this bait walks the dog perfectly it is a all around bait!

From: Cole: Frost Proof, FL

Comments: I just received a 45t and a 55t. Very realistic frog with a lot of detail. Super soft body with a premium hook. Overall, it's an awesome frog.

From: Kyle: MI

Comments: I've written on these frogs before, but these things kick ass!! I just got some of the 45T size, and I can't wait to see a big ol' smallie smash this frog this spring!! Great bait all around, load up on em', you wont be dissapointed!!

From: Mrbond007: Eat Lansing, MI

Comments: The best frog on the market hands down!!!

From: Josh: RI

Comments: Unreal. Got Brown/Black 55 and 65 55 is small, I'd go with 65, its about average size to most frogs. Supper Soft, and hold up great.
I will be adding more Koppers to my Tackle Box!

From: Tim: CA Delta

Comments: best frog hands down , i caught over  50 bass on the brown and black last summer including a 7lb and 6lb. This bait is indestructable has great action and good hook sets.

Comments: BEST frog on the market. Well worth the money.

From: Anthony: Lake Worth, FL

Comments: Had so many hits 45 is best 6 lbers left and right I even caught a panfish so many swung and miss but always came back walk the dog in heavy cover on calm parts of the day and you will catch fish BEST FROG EVER.

From: Trevor: Lakeville, MN

Comments: The absolute softest frog on the market! It is a little pricey but it is worth it! Koppers always comes out with the best looking colors so you know these will work. I have used the Brown Black and have had great success.

From: Phillip: Birmingham, AL

Comments: I just got into frog fishing had a scum frog and didnt get good action, bought this frog and used it once at a lake i know with alot of slop on the top, wwith in seconds had my first hit, didnt notice and missed reeled three more feet and stopped, and WHAMM! Caught a nice two pounder great hookset, well worth the money

From: Trey: Fort Myers, FL

Comments: Best frog on the market! Walks the dog with ease and has a great hook. Had them explode on it right at the boat! Highly recommended.

From: Brad: Louisville, KY

Comments: Definitely one of the best frogs on the market.  This baits skips great, collapses easily for good hooksets, and dances with ease.  Like the 65 the best, gets the biggest bites.  Also, glad they came out with some new colors I've had to go elsewhere for the black, but now there's no need

From: Destin: PA

Comments: Best frog I've owned and better hook up ratio compared to other brands that I've owned before...what can I say Kopper does a damn great job on their product.

From: Big Boi: CA Delta

Comments: love this thing!

From: Brandon: Jacksonville, FL

Comments: This frog is phenomenal. Soft body frog hook ups are never a sure thing, which can be from operator error, wrong gear, or the fish just crashed it and didnt eat it. This thing DOES walk the dog IF you work it right, it works easily through the nastiest weeds or grass you can find. If your missing this frog, your missing out.

From: Matt: IA

Comments: worst frog ever my weight  fell out on the 1 bass i caught on it and it dont even walk the dog i am going to stickwith the old skum frog

From: Justin

Comments: Great frog the 55t size is my favorite size great look and makes a noise when you pull it great op live target!

From: Tyler: Columbus, GA

Comments: Great frog the 55t size is my favorite size great look and makes a noise when you pull it great op live target!

From: Tyler: Columbus, GA

Comments: got the 45 size if you wanna open water while on hot days in post spawn there you go

From: Greg: Japan

Comments: ive throw almost every frog made and this is by far the best beats bps tru tungstun spro strike king uown  name it by far the best only problem is that it lands upsidedown but just twitch it and best frog ever

From: Ben

Comments: first time out with brown black i caught a 7 lber tip add rattles, lost one that woulda beat personal best easily, but works great over moss and open water if you can make it walk the dog then there's no problem catchin big bass

From: Tom: Galt, CA

Comments:  Bought a green and yellow back in June. After hooking up to more than 10+ fish in a 2.5 hour outing. I said to myself. I gotta get some more. So I got the other 3 colors. Best frickin frog on the market. Looks to hook setting. BTW the hook setting doesn't matter what kind of frog. Spro, Kopper's etc. Rule of thumb. Keep your rod tip up. Let the Bass hit. Let your rod tip go down. Set the hook hard. This is how you get a better percentage at hooking up with a fish. KAPLOW!!!!

From: LM:

Comments:Love This Frog Caught  2 Monster  Bass On Two Cast Love Then Better Get You Some

From: Hunter: AL

Comments: This frog is amazing. In the past month it's pulled out 3 master anglers and many other bass. It's absolutely true about the hookset though, you need to wait after they hit it at least a full second or two. The first time I took it out I messed up a lot trying to set the hook right away and missed a lot of very large fish that I will never forgive myself for ;D. Great frog though, I've got the green/yellow and the tan/brown.

From: Zach: CO

Comments: awesome frog. caught 2 4 pounders this morning with a great hook set. make sure you wait a few seconds before setting the hook.  definitely worth the ten bucks

From: Jerrod: Indiana

Comments: Great Frog...caught a couple largemouths yesterday as i notice they were jumping in the weeds.  Hook up was good except for one that was maybe less than 10 inches...otherwise give it two seconds before setting the hook.

From: Ying: Green Bay, WI

Comments: great frog, works great and have had no problems with it yet. dont listen to comments about hook up ratio it doesnt have to do with the bait or anthing. depends on what equipment you have, if you got the right rod and line your hook up ratio will increase so dont be affraid to try this frog i love it. just ordered the 45t one and cant wait to try that when the bass want a smaller presentation

From: Matt: IL

Comments: Great looking frog. Walks well and passes through all debris. Very poor hook up percentage over other frogs. Do not recommend this one.

From: Keith: Rockall, TX

Comments:  I love this frog, have two of them, Tan Brown and Green Yellow.  Used so much the paint on the eyes is nearly gone on both baits.  Get the heavier bait, FGH65T, as you can cast it further.  Floats well then dips, flops, bounces, and retrieves great on 50lb PowerPro.

From: Brian: Utah

Comments: Beautiful frog but not as durable as others in my oppinion. After one 5lb fish and a few smaller ones the frog body had torn in several places and the weight kept falling out. I attempted a repair using a soft vinyl plastic that you dip plier handles into - it held for one more fish and then the weight was gone and the frog is no longer usable. Would like to see Koppers improve the weight/frog interface so the lure lasts longer.

From: Skip: Lewes, DE, USA

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