LIVETARGET Shallow Suspending Yellow Perch

The Live Target Yellow Perch Suspending Jerkbait is a shallow-diver that gets down to the 1 to 2 foot range on a steady retrieve. Since it's suspending, and not floating, like the other baits in the Live Target Yellow Perch Series, it will dodge and dart like you want a jerkbait to - and stay suspended. Available in several super realistic color combinations, the Koppers Live Target Yellow Perch also features a strategically placed internal weight transfer system that furnishes extra long casts, and also serves as a super loud rattle for added fish attraction.

Live Target Length Weight Depth Class
Yellow Perch-YP73S 2-7/8" 3/8oz 1-2ft Suspending
Yellow Perch-YP98S 3-5/8" 9/16oz 1-2ft Suspending

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3 Colors

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    Model No. YP73S106
    Florescent Matte
    Size Stock Qty
    2.8" 5+
    3.6" 5
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    Model No. YP73S102
    Metallic Gloss
    Size Stock Qty
    2.8" 5+
    3.6" 5+
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    Model No. YP73S100
    Natural Matte
    Size Stock Qty
    2.8" 5+
    3.6" 2

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Customer Reviews

Comments: what about koppers fry walleye? that would be great for northern guys and might even work in lakes that don't have walleye. I have this bait and it looks awesome, don't like when the lures move sideways, realism is the best but you pay premium price. Usually with lures that expensive you want them to run straight like rapala and KVD, ect.. Good fishing

From: Alex

Comments: I am a HUGE fan of Koopers lures, this one, while beautiful, I tossed for a few hours this season, and I hated it.  EVER singly case my line got hung up on the front hooks.  I have a rig specifically dedicated to tossing jerks and I have no issues like this with any other lure.  I revved the front hooks, and I just could not feel confident in this thing.  Maybe it is just me, I love the rest of the Koopers line.

From: Pete: Cleveland, Ohio

Comments: During the first 30 mins of using this lure,I was catching so many fish it was starting to get on every ones nerves.

From: Tony: OR

Comments: Awesome lure. I've caught many fish on it and I'd recommend it as a great shallow water suspending jerkbait.

From: Pat: Warwick, NY

Comments: This is a great lure. It's very realistic, has nice action, and produces the occasional fish. Like most Koppers lures I've tried, it has a tendency to swim sideways at times. These lures require some maintenance to keep them running straight, but overall they are a great lure.

From: Eric: Michigan

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