LIVETARGET Hollow Body Field Mouse

Best of Show Winner for Soft Lures at the 2011 ICAST Show

Mice are native to most areas of North America, and can often be found foraging for food along shorelines and on floating vegetation - putting them in constant contact with hungry, opportunistic bass. Offering the perfect mouse imitation, the Live Target Hollow Body Field Mouse features intricate, lifelike detailing so realistic you’d swear it was alive. Perfect for twitching along the tops of pads and grassmats, it is extremely weedless, super soft for excellent collapsibility, and equipped with a razor sharp frog hook. A deadly alternative to the hollow bodied frog, the Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Field Mouse gets bit.

Live Target Length Weight
Field Mouse 60T 2.25" 5/8oz
Field Mouse 70T 2.75" 3/4oz
Field Mouse 90T 3.5" 1oz

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4 Colors

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    Model No. MHB60T403
    Black White
    Size Stock Price Qty
    60T 5+ $11.99
    70T 5+ $11.99
    90T 5+ $12.99
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    Model No. MHB60T400
    Brown White
    Size Stock Price Qty
    60T 5+ $11.99
    70T 5+ $11.99
    90T 5+ $12.99
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    Model No. MHB60T401
    Grey White
    Size Stock Price Qty
    60T 5+ $11.99
    70T 5+ $11.99
    90T 5+ $12.99
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    Model No. MHB60T402
    Size Stock Price Qty
    60T 5+ $11.99
    70T 5+ $11.99
    90T 5+ $12.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Been using this mouse for 2 years now & it is hands down the best top water bait on the market. I throw it anyplace & it always comes back. It actually is my go to bait, I've caught bass from less than a pound up to 9.2lbs. Everyone I know who has tried it, simply love it. It's the only top water bait you need.

From: Bob: Lake Conroe, TX 9/3/16

Comments: To all the people saying it rolls to much to walk, that's how it was designed to walk. If you watch the video from  livetarget you will see that. On to the bait itself. This is a top notch top water bait, just cast it out there pop it three good times & reel you slack & do it again all the way Mack to the boat. I would suggest a good stiff rod & a fast reel with good braid. You are going to need it! I use a St. Croix slop-n-frog in 7' paired with an Abu Garcia revo MGX 7.9:1 with sunline 60lb blue & green braid. I have been using livetarget frogs & bought this to try & I have put my frogs up & used this the past two weekends & have landed a lot of bass one weighed in a 9.1lbs. I have been using the white mouse & will be buying another one in white & the rest of the colors. Bass love em' FISH ON!

From: Matt: Grady, AL 6/4/16

Comments: Had this lure for a while, my dad bought it has a souvenir for a lake & didn't use it till I was at my friends catching 2-5lbers ever couple castes on a frog. I took this mouse out & first cast landed a 7.6lb bass. The bass was my pb for about 30 minutes when I caught a 9.6. I sold it to my friend for 25 dollars & bought 2 more with the money & our largest on it know is 12.9. Caught this bass after loosing a 5lber & was complaining about loosing it while my mouse lure was sitting 10 feet away from the boat totally still it bit. I definitely think this is a great lure. I recommend it with Scott Martins signature series tcs rods 7'3" heavy, 50 pound pline tcb braid & definitely a 13 fishing reel because of the drag! If you're wondering if it's worth the money it is buy 2 it's worth it. Middle size and gray black is my favorite!

From: George: USA 5/8/16

Comments: Bought mine a year or so ago and it just sat in my tackle box. Saw it in there today and thought "What the heck". Fourth cast into some weeds and BAM! a nice 5 pounder. Summer is just coming on and the vegetation in my clear California lake is getting thick. Looking forward to using this thing all summer.

From: Pat: Sun City, CA 6/12/15

Comments: Excellent bait, works great on french largemouth bass. Very easy to walk this mouse at slow or fast speed, with a nice rolling action. The plastic is very soft and the hooks very sharp so the hook up ratio is better than with many hollow body frog style baits. My advices: The tail attachement is a bit weak, superglue it before its first rodeo, not a big deal. You can also use spinnerbait squirts to replace the tail in case of lost. Water come inside after a few casts,just squeeze it or obture a little bit the hole legs as I do.

From: Beno: France 6/1/15

Comments: This is definitely a BIG bass lure. I am having a problem hooking fish, though. The one bass I landed was a bit over 4 lbs. Fought him to the boat, he threw the mouse, then turned around and SMASHED it as it floated. I quickly landed him. Other than that, I have lost one at the boat & had several others on for a few seconds. should I be setting the hook like a worm? I really want to master this lure, as the majority of my bites have been big fish (4+).

From: John: MS 5/18/15

Comments: You can walk it, straight retrieve it, or slow twitch it. Its a tough shorter rod twitch than a typical walk action, but it certainly walks. I definitely works well! Now the bad. For $11 it should hold up better. The tail is torn in half, and only 4-5 strands of skirt remain on each side. It still catches fish, but doesn't walk for squat like that.  Also, the rubber body is beginning to show lots of fatigue and won't live through too many more trips. The bait does hang some, but usually a quick rod flick and it pops free without much fuss. Also, after it gets some age it will fill with water easier. Just squeeze the water out and keep on tossing.

From: Chuck: Longview, TX 10/19/14

Comments: This mouse is officially my confidence bait. The action this thing has is awesome. You CAN walk this bait!!! I was fishing this mouse around a tree trunk that was sticking out of the water and started off with a slow retrieve and had a huge blowup but missed him, did the same retrieve in the same area and had no luck, then walked the dog through it and bam landed a nice 5lb fatty. You can work this bait multiple ways and the price beats any other rat/mice by a long shot. This thing straight up produces. Just bought one in every color!

From: Jeff: Los Gatos, CA 8/12/14

Comments: For my science class I used one of these live target mice for a model. And when I turned it in my teacher believed that the mouse was real. so I thing if this live target lure can trick one of our nations educators than it just might trick a bass:)

From: Josh: OR 6/11/14

Comments: This mouse is a killer weapon in my tackle box. I used it this weekend over lilly pads in an Arkansas lake and my mouse (grey and white) was having strikes every 4th or 5th throw. and the hook sets were deep my partner used a frog and never got struck upon my friend ordered two for himself Sunday when we got home.  I cant wait for next weekend when I can go back out and throw it again.

From: Eldon: Fort Smith, AR 5/20/14

Comments: Guys if you decide to listen to one review listen to this one. When I first started working this lure it rode a little on its side so I thought it was junk. You really need to give this thing a slow retrieve with a steady reel and some quick flicks. Not so much of walking the dog or fast hard actions. With this being said this mouse has become my miracle bait. I was having a tough day and not much was hitting. I soon went to a very shallow swampy section of the lake and I caught my biggest bass ever at 9lb 6oz. I casted along the shore under some brush and I hooked up. I decided to use it the rest of the day and caught 10+ more big bass. This has become my go-to top water lure and no tackle box is complete without one. Super soft body great for hook-ups and these people saying that it falls apart are being babies. AWESOME LURE!!

From: Ryan: WI 4/21/14

Comments: This is my "go to" lure for slop and pads. My biggest bass caught on it was a 5lb fatty largemouth, But my buddy lost a 7lb+. The tail does fall out, just repair it with super glue.

From: Big C: OR, USA

Comments: This was my favorite weedless topwater lure.  If you say it's not working you're fishing it wrong.  I caught huge bass all summer long, especially at night time in the weeds.  I plan on fishing this next season every night. 

From: Chuck: Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Comments: One of the most fun baits ive ever used. I toss it onto land, and slowly pull it n the water...pause, a few twitches, pause...if I dont get blown up, i walk the dog back to the boat. Great product! Thanks Koppers!

From: Mike: Huntington Beach, CA

Comments: do not fish in grass mats it will land upside down and catch the grass. a good open water bait though.

From: Caleb: prescott,wi

Comments: Not what I expected from a Kopper's product. I bought one of these and had terrible results with it. Fished it over matted cover and worked it into open pockets. As soon as I got it into an open pocket it turned on its side or back and then the hooks caught up on grass and matted grass. Neat idea but was not practical in my experience.

From: Brian: IA

Comments: Another added note, if any topwater like the mouse or frog keeps filling with water, appropriate sized rubber heat shrink tubing on the hook shank does a great job. Just make it come through the belly hook hole about a mm and it will help tons, this also keeps whatever scent you prefer in the bait longer, helps it slowly seep out. Just a tip on the mouse not so much a review.

Comments: Be gentle on the pull, it walks just fine, also superglue the tail into the bait right out of the package, I also recommend super glue to the skirt leg holes, after jerking the hook into a few fish, the bait tends to get stretched out of course, this keeps it from filling with water as bad, otherwise top shelf topwater.

Comments: Dont know why people saying that this mouse cant walk the dog. it walk great. you just have to know how to walk it. is so eazy. i have caught so many bass and pike on this lure. this lure is a beast. i still have my first mouse that i got last year and still catching bass on it. landed well over 40+ bass on that same mouse. some lakes i fish at this mouse will out fish the frog any day. but it not so weedless. when it get beat up i used the hudd glue. good as new. 

From: Skyline: greenfield, wi

Comments: One of the best topwater baits ive ever thrown. You cant "walk the dog" like a traditional frog though. You cast it out and retrieve it slowly, it looks as if it were a mouse tredding water. The tail action is what really brings in those bass. There were a few set backs. I orded 8 of these, two of each color, I had 3 lose there tails after getting nailed all morning. However, i continued to throw it without the tail and it still caught bass so i guess that really isnt a major set back. They are also VERY soft. Great hook up ratio, never lost a fish on them. My personal opinion, this is a 9 outa 10 topwater bait.

From: Peter: Palmetto, Ga

Comments: This is a great bait but you can't fish it like a traditional frog. If you throw it tight to cover and slowly retrieve it , it looks like a mouse treading water hence the rolling action. It does not like to walk the dog because of the rolling action. It is most deffinately  a cast and retrieve bait and it is awesome. Fish it like it's a mouse treading water and you will get bit! The tail action alone pulls the hawgs

From: Thomas: Holly Springs NC

Comments: The BEST! The END

From: hmongbass: Madison, WI

Comments: Great lure! after a bunch of bass this lure is still in great shape and still floats and reacts perfectly. I recommend this!

From: Ray: Orlando, FL

Comments: As a topwater fiend, I've tried them all. This product I must say is the worst. It casts ok, rolls to much on the pads, grabs junk to easy and fills up with water. Big dissapointment! I'll stick witht e boze sumo frog anyday!

From: Karl: Chicago, IL

Comments: 31 bass you sure, by the way it sounds you are way over your head for 3 hours. But still a good bait

Comments: OMG..... one of my best bass fishing ever. it came from this mouse..  landed 31 BASS in 3 hours of fishing. this mouse out fish the frog that day. all i have to say is...........WOW. What i did is put some super glue on the tale. it never came off.

From: Skyline: Greenfield, WI

Comments: I picked one up at my local store and took it up north, it quickly became my "go to lure". If you're not getting results you're not fishin' it right. Yes it'll catch lilly pads and grass but if you cast in to the gaps in them get ready for action. My 18" large mouth could tell you how great it was, if I hadn't eaten it.

From: Mike: Ontario, Canada

Comments: just got it today and brought it to a lake and it swims like a dream. got a couple nice bass and a couple hits, the tail has not came off yet, so pleased so far. will be getting more.

From: Trenten: FL

Comments: This thing is simply amazing!The hookup ratio is outstanding.If you haven't tried this you are missing out.This mouse will out fish a frog and the way it rides up away from the hook is great.The hooks are premium.Get one and try it ,you'll be back for more.The strikes on this thing are heart stopping!And yes this is a game changer!

From: Keith: Madison, GA

Comments: I ordered 2 of these this spring and finally got to fish them the last few weeks and they accounted for all my fish with the largest being 4lbs from a city pond....well all were from city ponds.  Great action once you figure them out, they are soft, I just squeezed the water out of mine between casts to make sure it stayed up which it did.  I did happen to loose the legs after dragging the 4lb fish 100ft though the weeds but minor fix with a few strands of a skirt in each hole with some superglue and good to go.  Will role if you reel it too fast and it does sit low in the water. Its got more good qualities then bad and if the other guy wants to send me all his instead of giving them to his competitors by all means let me know.  This is a fish catching machine and am more then pleased with it.

From: William: Long Beach, CA


From: Troy: WI

Comments: Dont buy. Filled with water after several casts and sank. Not durable and does not work well when floating. This bait sells on looks and nothing else. Have other live target baits. They catch me fish. Giving this bait to Adam.

From: Erik: WI

Comments: ON the second cast a half pound bass tore the legs clean out and nearly separated the tail from the body. very disappointing, returned it to my tackle dealer and received a full refund. Would be amazing if it was as durable as the frogs. 0 out of 5 stars

Comments: Purchased the LT Mouse a few months back and tried it out on a trip to Black Lake, NY for the bass opener. Damn did it perform well, i loved the action the mouse had. I would have to say it out performed any hollow body frog I've fished. It seems to have more of a swimming action, rather than the walk the dog action the frogs have. The appearance of a mouse makes it look more vulnerable to bass rather than a frog, since mice don't belong in the water.  Another great product from Koppers!

From: Dan: Buffalo, NY

Comments: The bait needs to be wider so it wont be rotating as your trying to walk it. If it was just a little thicker this would not be a problem.

From: Andy: MA

Comments: Three casts with this the other night and it came up without legs and tail: dead bait.  I'm dissappointed as Koppers stuff has always been top notch for me.  Probably I got a bad one, but based on comments I see here and elsewhere, I'm concerned about how well it will hold up.  Not buying another.

From: WT: Mpls, MN

Comments: I was fishing behind a guy throwing a pad crasher(which is my favorite frog) and he casted to the same pads I eventually casted to. I pulled out 4 quality fish right behind him when he caught zero. Im buying more. There is something about that swimming action as opposed to the walking action of the frog. I used to have the same tearing problem as other people. So when I take it out of the package I stretch the tail out a ways and apply epoxy in the hole. I do the same with the front line tie. Make sure to get the epoxy in the bait instead of just outside of it. This makes the mouse as well as other frogs last way longer.

From: Ben: Hudsonville, MI

Comments: Tried it today, and the only thing possitive about it is it looks like a mouse....  Rubber legs came off after a few hits.  Hooks pick up weeds on every cast, unless you only fish open water. The only ones I would recommend this lure to are my competition in tournaments...

From: Dick: Sterling, IL

Comments: Love the realistic details that koppers live target keeps on bringing. For me if seems like they made the body too soft, i keep getting weeds and grass caught on only one of my hooks. After catching 1 fish my mouse was just not the same it kept catching weeds. Awesome lure but overall too soft and not durable as the frog.

Comments: great walk the dog action - best used on a random pause often  during the retrieve. most of the fish that hit it are a little better than frog fish in the early spring. haven't had any real hard strikes or caught as many as i thought it would. tail might come off - glue something in it's place and you're back in the game. good bait - but i prefer kopper's frogs. didn't think that would be the case after seeing this mouse.

From: Matt: AZ


From: Kyle: MISS

Comments: mine worked this season, caught a monster bass on these, awesome bait. I plan to get more, mine didn't sink, it floats great, might be your guys baits are from somewhere else. Mine floats on water and works great for monster bass. I caught my trophy this year and plan to get more. Its awesome topwater, keep mouse going! Really great bait.

From: Alex again!

Comments: Second one sank too.  I give up.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments:  Walks with no effort at all but my first one sank immediately so I'm gonna give em another shot and hope I just got a bad one.  These will be great on smaller ponds.

From: Mike: Jackson, MO

Comments: Got this bait this year! hooks are sharp and nice looking bait. Using it this summer, i don't have alot of weeds in my lake but this bait is sweet and nice. More realistic. The company should make a snake, bird, and other unusual topwates like this one to get big girls biting. Good fishing to you forever!

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: worked fine for the 10x's i tossed it,then some angry ass smallie tore the dang tail off and now it fills up with water to quick,by the time i get it back to me its under water.looks great but didnt hold up quite as planned.

From: Sammy: USA

Comments: Looks great!!! I'm going to get mouse bait. Time to catch some lunkers. I seen this type bait used in New York. Caught alot of fish because New york has rats. Well rats are everywhere in America. Might be your next Go to bait! :)

From: Alex: Kansas

Comments: This thing is going to be killer, just arrived cant wait to throw it this year!! Super soft, I threw it in my plano box and am just amazed walking away how real it looks.

From: Brett: NY

Comments: I dont even need to use this mouse to know it will be a game changer this year!

From: Matt: Iowa

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