LIVETARGET Trout Fry & Parr Jerkbaits

Young-of-the-year Trout are distinguished by two different stages in their early lifecycle: the Fry and the Parr. The Live Target Trout Fry and Parr Jerkbaits have matched these two popular forages to a tee. The baby of the family - the Fry, is offered in a slow sinking model, while its older adolescent brother - the Parr, is available in a floateing version, equipped with a built in weight transfer system. Both have intricate paint patterns that easily fool river and open water gamefish. The Koppers Live Target Trout Fry and Parr Jerkbaits are the ultimate forage replicas. Match the hatch with Live Target.

Live Target Length Weight Depth Class
Trout Fry (TF50S) 2-3/4" 5/16oz 4-5ft Sinking
Trout Parr (TP90S) 3-1/2" 1/2oz 3-4ft Floating
Trout Parr (TP102S) 4" 11/16oz 4-5ft Floating

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    Model No. TF70S900
    Rainbow Trout
    Size Stock Price Qty
    2.75" 5+ $13.49
    4" 03/10 $14.99

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Customer Reviews

Comments: doesn't look good as jerkbait but I like a new kopper jerkbait like lucky craft and BX minnow design with koppers realism on them and call them new species of fish minnow or even better a koppers crawfish jerkbait? that be very new a koppers crawfish jerkbait.

From: Alex

Comments: everything is great about this lure but i think that it is to pricy. all of koppers lures are expensive but if you have the money buy it. i bought the 4" and i like it. buy one if you can and you wont regret it

From: Matt: Chicago, IL

Comments:  i agree with alex.  i got the 3.5" parr and it looks pretty good in the water when you're cranking it in.  but when you pause and twitch your rod, it simply fails big time as a jerkbait.  at slow to fast retrieve, it has a nice side to side wobble and i'm sure it will catch fish.  however, i just can't classify this as a jerk bait.  when working it as a jerk bait, sometimes it'll move to one side or the other but it does so in a very slow and non-erratic action.  it has an interesting shaped bill and that may be why it doesn't have much action when jerked.

From: Elijah: Seattle, WA

Comments: I got the 3.5" and im not impressed at all. The look is spot on but the action is just not there. It tends to roll over alot you have to give it small little jerks to even attempt to make it work.

From: Alex: CA

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