Lake Fork Creature 7pk

Lake Fork Creature 7pk

Combining a curl tail grub with a ring worm and attaching kicker legs akin to that of a frog, the Lake Fork Creature is a versatile and productive lure. Its large ringed body emits air bubbles for an enticing breathing action, and the large curl tail provides a natural swimming motion, while the two kicker legs work together to create an irresistible vibration. Great on a Carolina-rig, Texas-rig or as a trailer, the action of the Creature is best when the lure is on the fall, setting both the kicker legs and large curl tail into motion. Pro-tested and tournament-proven, Lake Fork Trophy Lures’ mission is to provide anglers with innovative, quality fishing lures that are reasonably priced and made in the USA.

Length Quantity
5" 7

6 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: green Pumpin outstanding and the blue work all your long 80% of fish we cought this was used Old hickory jc percy priest....

From: David: nashville tn

Comments: Very under rated bait! The kind of bait to have if could only have one to choose from. Endless rigging possibilities!

From: Rusty: TX

Comments: Great punching bait under a skirt.

From: 6th Sense Fishing: Sam Rayburn Reservoir 

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