Lake Fork Tackle Pro Staffer Kelly Jordan brought attention to the Lake Fork Flutter Spoon after smoking fish after fish while filming the "Ultimate Match Fishing" television show at Kentucky Lake.

The Lake Fork Tackle Flutter Spoon is offered in three fish catching colors. In addition to a traditional chrome finish, the "Bar Fish" and "Magic Shad" project a reflective scale and sparkle finish. An ultra sharp Gamakatsu hook makes sure that fish will stay hooked.

The Lake Fork Tackle Flutter Spoon is a bass magnet that will gain any fish's attention. Fishing the Flutter Spoon on slack line is very important to its success. Limp or slack line gives the Flutter Spoon its natural fluttering action, similar to a dying shad that provokes the instinctual feeding mechanism.

Length Weight
3" 0.6 ounces
4" 0.8 ounces
5" 1.3 ounces
6" 1.9 ounces

0 Colors

Customer Reviews

Comments: used a 5 inch spoon. Got me a striper at the Cali aqueduct. Action is nice. Buy one

From: Keewi

Comments: Just recieved my spoons today and they look great. Be sure to add a swivel so you dont have any line twist...

From: Travis: NC

Comments: These spoons are phenomenal!!! I ordered them and on my first trip on the 3rd cast smashed a 20", 5lbs beautiful smallmouth. I moved around my lake a bit and tossed the spoon up on a point and started my retrieve when a 20.5" GIANT of a smallie sucked it in. These spoons are AWESOME! At first, I thought the spoon might be too big but "NO" the fish will eat it! JUST HAVE CONFIDENCE!!

From: Ian: Shrewsbury, PA

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