Lake Fork Hyper Worm

Lake Fork Hyper Worm

The Lake Fork Hyper Worm's segmented body and unique paddle tail emits a strong vibration in the water, providing a presentation that bass have never seen in a soft plastic worm. Whether rigged Texas-style, as a jig trailer or Carolina-rigged, the Hyper Worm is sure to be the go-to bait in any angler's arsenal. FLW pro Mark Pack won the 2008 FLW Beaver Lake Open fishing this bait.

Mark used the Hyper Worm as a trailer for his home made 3/16-ounce jig. "I had a steady retrieve; the tail of that worm would just be flopping back-and-forth, so I was basically swimming it," Pack said. "I caught my fish off points with mainly rock, rubble and sand - most were off ramps that were flooded in 3 feet of water." "With the water being so muddy, that paddle tail on the worm helped the fish find the bait."

Length Quantity
6" 7
5" 10
4" 12

14 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I decided to throw one of these when the bass were being difficult & oh my god this thing tore it up! I had bass sprinting at it from 30 feet away from just swimming it on a texas rig. With this bait I was able to catch 2 fish weighing in at a combined 15 lbs in 5 minutes, This thing is just amazing!

From: Jeremy: Dallas, TX 10/14/15

Comments: Great worm dont know what the last guy meant by the price was a turn off because they are worth it to me and the price aint bad for what you get. I love using the 4 inch pearl color on my swim jigs the bass just kill it. They work great t-rigged or on a c-rig. I like the Hyper stick for a c-rig better or even the ring fries these are just good baits period.

From: Lance: Livingston, TX

Comments: I will admit the price of these is a bit of a turnoff at first, but believe me fish love these things! they have a great scent and the large paddletail displaces a perfect ammount of water to make it appetizing! i like to flip these baits on 4/O owner twistlock flipping hooks or gamakatsu 4/O offset EUGs which is perfect because of the bait not being super long and they do the job perfectly! i allways peg a bullet weight when fishing these and change my weight according to how fast or slow the fish want the fall to be. but fyi the heavier the weight the more aggresive the action on the fall is. so you might want to consider what the fish want before you give up just cause it may be too agressive for the sluggish fish in the hot summer days as ive found. great bait!!!

From: Mat: OH

Comments:I purchased these worms last week at my local boat show and was very surprized at how well the fish responed to this little worm using drop shot style on flats and timber. Great action, great price, great bait!

From:Will: Jackson, TN

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