Lazer Trokar MagWorm Hook

Lazer Trokar MagWorm Hook

The Lazer Trokar MagWorm Hooks feature Trokar’s unique surgically sharpened three-sided hook points - making them twice as sharp as any other hook on the market. Proven in tests to penetrate with half the pressure required for other leading hooks, the Lazer Trokar MagWorm Hooks benefit from Trokar’s Surgically Sharpened Technology (SST). This patent-pending process precisely grinds the three sides of the hookpoint using a high-speed, computerized grinder designed for surgical needles. Lazer Trokar also determined the precise angle of the Low-Profile Barb using highly specific geometric calculations to provide easier penetration and the ultimate in holding power.

In addition, Trokar bolstered the wire diameter of the hook and used a unique tempering process, specifically tailored to bring out the maximum strength potential of the ultra-high carbon steel Q741 wire. The result is a stouter hook that allows for aggressive hook-sets and intense fights, as well as, just the right amount of flex to resist breaking. Definitely the sharpest hooks available, the Lazer Trokar MagWorm Hooks are ideal for big worm and soft plastic presentations, serving up maximum penetration and strength for a significantly better catch ratio.

"That’s an absolute beast right there! This is it. This is the hook. This is the sharpest fishhook I have ever felt. Ever.Brent Chapman, Bassmaster Elite Series Professional.

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Trokar MagWorm Hook 3/0 6pk $5.29 10+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 4/0 5pk $5.29 10+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 5/0 5pk $5.29 10+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 6/0 4pk $5.29 10+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 7/0 4pk $5.29 12/02
Trokar MagWorm Hook 8/0 3pk $5.29 10+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 3/0 15pk $12.99 5+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 4/0 15pk $12.99 5+
Trokar MagWorm Hook 5/0 15pk $12.99 5+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: Did not even consider paying ten dollars per pack for a hook at first, but when my buddy broke them out, every fish he hooked got hooked two or three times during the fight, literally sewing their mouths shut... Broke down, went anf bought some, and was amazed... will never throw gamakatsu again, after years of throwing only those... these hooks are well worth the money you pay for them, just need them in a shakey head now...;)

From: Justin: Conyers, GA 6/20/14

Comments: I use the number 5s with my 10 inche worm yesterday and caught a 6pounder and 4 pounder! Very sharpe hooks and pentrated the bass amazing. I recommend them!

From: Jacob: Medina, Tn

Comments: So far my best worm hook i have used. Very sharp!!

From: Clint: Wichita, KS

Comments: Trokars are the best hook period.

From: Sam: PA

Comments: I got some trokar's and I love them been using them for awhile now. I just the big bite bait's 10 inch worm and i never miss a fish with a 6/0 tro kar on. It is a great hook. You will be catching more fish if you switch to tro kar.

From: Grant: Auburn, AL

Comments: I dont know what these people are talking about??? trokar puts gamakatsu to shame. These are soo sharp i set the hook while flipping heavy pads and my drag was all the way loose bc i loosen it up for storage and i was sure that fish got away but no the hook ended up going through the hard nose plate of the fish with zero hook set power after that i was sold only trokar for me from now on!!

From: Tom: NY

Comments: Dont know why these people are complaining about the hooks rolling or the line slipping out of the eye. Ive caught up to 15 or 20 fish on the hooks without retying or the hook dulling at all. These are by far the best hooks made whether flipping or drop-shotting. But the magworm with or without the B.A.R.B. is the best all around hook made. Well worth the money especially at $6.99. Great product!

From: Will: AL

Comments: Wow!, is all I can say. My favorite hooks have been Gamakatsu, but this beats it. My buddy handed me one of these when I ran out of hooks once. Used a 5/0 for six inch flukes, and BAM! Never missed a fish! Got snagged after a few fish and had to break off. Buddy gave me one more 5/0 and said, "That's it, no more." Went to buy some and found out why my buddy would only lend me two. But after using them for awhile now, the price was well worth it. Heavy gauge wire was perfect for weightless flukes, sharp as hell and sets beautifully. Can not find anything that performs like it. They are now my favorite. Did NOT have a problem with rolling points.
BTW, had to IOU my buddy.

From: Brian: Lower Alabama

Comments: i have no idea what some of these people are talking about the hooks rolling i have had one do it, only one out of at least 50 take care of your hooks and that wont happen

From: ETXoutdoors

Comments: people complain about points rolling etc, and that the pros only use them because they are paid to, but keep in mind a large number of anglers won tournaments, or finished high in them using trokars and they aren't sponsored by them, when anglers who aren't sponsored to use them use them over the other brands they are good hooks. Worth every stinking penny you pay for them, every one

Comments: These hooks really aren't worth it. They are rediculously sharp out of the pack but the tips roll easily - in other words they are too sharp for their own good. The pros use them because they are paid to. Save some money and some frustration and buy gamakatsus or mustads - trust me and the others who complain about the points bending!

From: Todd: TN

Comments: best hook ever made i love these i havent had any problems with knots coming out, i have only had them for a little while, it doesnt seem like they will. these are the best hooks out the there totally worth 2.00 each

From: Chaz: Texas, USA

Comments: Garbage, super sharp out of the package, hook fish great but points bend easy and the worst part is the eye, lost numerous fish by knot slipping through the crack and this was with 50 & 65# braid and palomar knots, ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS for a $2e hook!! Never again, avoid these if you care about losing big fish! I'm sticking to my owner cutting points!

From: Ryan: Chocagland, IL

Comments:I fished these hooks in two tournaments recently, and the point rolls after one or two fish. Not what you expect for a hook that cost $2.00/hook.

From:Greg: Jefferson, AL

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