Delivering a complete lineup of cranking, high speed, and super high speed models, the Lew’s Tournament Speed Spool Casting Reel Series is packed with features and performance for a moderate price. Nine double-shielded premium stainless ball bearings, housed within the reel’s rigid, die-cast aluminum one-piece frame, provide consistently smooth casts and retrieves, and a ZeroReverse one-way clutch bearing ensures rock solid hook sets.

The reel’s high strength solid brass gearing churns out serious winding power as well, and a rugged carbon composite drag system with audible-click adjustment backs up the power with 14 lbs of max drag. Short pitches, long casts, wind, no wind - it doesn’t matter, the Tournament SpeedSpool’s dual magnetic & centrifugal cast control also has you covered. One of the originators of the low-profile baitcaster reel - back in the 1970’s - Lew’s Fishing Tackle is back and better than ever - unveiling the Lew’s Tournament Speed Spool Casting Reels.

Additional Features:

*Drilled and Forged, Anodized Aluminum Spool
*Easily Removable Palm Side-Plate
*Right-Side Spool Tension Adjustment with Audible Click
*Titanium-Coated Zirconium Line Guide
*Lightweight Aluminum Bowed Handle with Lew’s Custom Paddle Knobs
*Longer 95MM handle on Deep-spool TS1S Cranking Model
*Backed by Lew's One-Year Limited Warranty

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I have about 4 lews reels from this one and the BB1. You can't find a better reel on the market in this price range. AWESOME PRODUCT. Thanks Lews. Please keep making them just the way you are.

From: Jordan: USA 12/18/14

Comments: I bought the 7:1:1 and am extremely impressed with it. This sucker has the power of most 5:1:1's. It's reasonably lightweight and seems to be durable. I would recommend this reel to anyone. 

From: Campbell: New Caney, TX 11/11/14

Comments: I have five Lew's reels and for the money can't beat them.  I fish tournaments and am hard on gear and these have all held up great.  Smooth, reliable, good breaks, and cast a country mile!  I am a Lew's guy now and will be replacing all my other reels with them.  Keep up the great products!

From: John: Baltimore, MD 3/16/14

Comments: I have been in the market for some new reels for the upcoming 2014 season and heard alot of good things about Lew's. Threw this on a 13 Omen yesterday and this reels is AMAZING!!!! It's butter like everyone says. I will be getting rid of my PQ's and replacing them with Lew's.

From: Chris: Largo, MD

Comments: I love this reel! It is sooooo smooth and no back lashes. At first I thought it was broken cause is reeled so smoothly. I have a question for you guys. What is the big difference between this reel and this Lew's reel Lew's Speed Spool Casting Reel - $99.99 Just a $30.00 difference is. Thanks

From: Nicholas: Glendale, AZ

Comments: love this reel! so smooth and has great casting distance! you can fine tune the brakes super fine! out performs my $200 revo stx all day

From: Brendan: Gardner, IL

Comments: I wasn't a baitcast lover until I got this reel. I love it, going to be buying more of these. I can cast 20 feet further with this reel than my Revo and PT Energy. Will not backlash at all. I'm even going to start my son out on this reel for his first baitcaster. 100% confidence in this reel. Thank you Lew's

From: Brian: KY

Comments: First day with this reel and I brought in a 7.8lb largemouth, but it felt like it was only about 3...this thing has a ton of power. Very happy with my purchase.

From: USA

Comments: the lews tournament speed spool is the best reel i got sitting on my rod rack! Blows the curado and the revos out of the water. Balances perfectly with my powell max 703c!

From: Griffin: IN,USA

Comments: Lews takes the cake in every price range IMO. But the best value is definitely the tournament SS(150) I love my TP and the cheap SS are amazing for 100. But the tournament is an animal

From: Scott: ME

Comments: Best real for $150. AWEOME. casts a mile.

From: Tyler: London, KY

Comments: This reel is amazing. Best 150 dollars I have ever spent. It is a must have if you are looking to buy a reel. I have caught many big fish on it and no problems. I used to be a Abu Garcia guy but now I am switching to lews. Well done lews and keep up the good work!!

From: Brad: Portland, Oregon

Comments: I only use this reel with braid (50 and 65 lbs) for pitching, flipping, punching, and swimming jigs.. It's great!

From: Adam: Nor Cal

Comments: Has anyone used this reel with 50+lb braid to flip and punch with. I'm debating to get this or a generation 3 revo in the same price range. Which one would be better to use.

From: Blake: Cal Delta

Comments: Thanks guys for getting back to me! I'll definetly be getting one in the future! God bless and tight lines.

From: Elijah: Mystic, CT

Comments: I don't use anything else but this reel. I have tournaments on all 17 of my outfits, and I can cast this reel no magnets or any of the pins set just the spool tension set right not to backlash and cast into anything. I Was fishing footballs the other day at a local reservoir wind was varying from 20-25 no brakes straight into the wind no problem. I had a few t pros but sold them and replaced them with these to save 50 bucks they're all you need. Buy one you wont regret it

From: Justin: WA

Comments: I got one of these reels for my birthday from my dad, who is a great angler. He knew I fished mainly Daiwa reels (Zillions and Alphas) so I was a tad disappointed.  I didn't take this reel out until one of my Alphas broke down and I was forced to mount this on my Steez.  Right after the first cast, I was impressed.  Smooth retrieve, great feel/weight, and casts like a dream.  The only minuses for me are the knobs.  I'm not feeling those paddle shaped ones and they can't be replaced unless you find a nice after mark handle. 

From: Milt: San Fransisco, CA

Comments: Love it love it love it. can skip 1/4oz jigs a country mile under boat dockas and other cover. Slowly replacing all my 2yr old Curados with these. Again wish they made all the ratios in left hand crank. Keep up the good work Lews

From: Bill: WI

Comments: This is an excellent reel. All the features of the Tournament Pro for less money. I think this is a better looking reel than the Tournament Pro. It has a nice glossy black finish, acsented by the stainless steel and gold.  In my opinion, Lew's should have made the Tournament Pro look like this one. As for weight, this one weighs more than the Tournament Pro. 'm not sure why, because the only major difference is the handle. Aluminium vs carbon fiber. But you can't really tell the weight difference, once it's on a rod and on the water.  Both reels feel about the same. Casting and retreiving are smooth and silent. There is a mental smile in my mind every time I pick up this reel to use. It is wirth the price.

From: Pao: Boiling Springs, SC

Comments: This reel is absolutely awesome. i originally purchased 2, but I like them so much, I have just ordered my 5th one from TW. I remember the old ones from back in the 70's. They were great. These are even better. Buy a few, you wont be disappointed.

From: Bob: Cincinnati, Ohio

Comments: BUY THIS REEL!!!! Worth the money guys. I had a few problems with the casting brakes but I disabled them and now I can cast out my whole spool no problem. Great reel definitely buying more of these!BTW these reels are really strong and mine gets tossed around all the time and still works like it was new. 

From: Andrew: Tampa, FL

Comments: have 2 of these and the centrifugal cast control sticks on both of them resulting in loss of casting distance. just not a very good reel in my opinion.

Comments: I have used many different brands of reels over the years.  Bought one of these recently because I used the older lews reels from the time I was a kid and it took 15 years of hard use before it finally got retired.  These new lews reels are the farthest casting best feeling reels Ive ever put my hands on period

From: Asheboro, NC

Comments: this is an excellent reel and well worth the $150.00. i would actually pay more for it now that i have used it. this reel palms nicely for me, feels crisp, and casts well. once i got it dialed in i could cast and pitch this thing quite far into the wind without backlashing using 20 pound fluoro. the only difference between this reel and the Tournament Pro is the weight and one extra meaningless bearing. they cast and feel the same.

From: FlatTownBasser: LA

Comments: For my style of fishing this reel is the tool. Weightless plastics and blades. I can throw a soft jerkbait farther and easier with this than a more bulkier and in my mind inefficient spinning outfit. I haven't tried the other models but I think the Tournament would be just as good maybe a little heavier but hey its 40 dollars less. I set the centrifugal with one pin locking on the spool and the others free and the magnetic on about a 3. Just a gentle over hand cast with a good wrist snap will really chunk a bait

Comments: never used a reel as GREAT as this one. ive' used 200$ reels and this one cast farther and retreives smoother than most of them and to buy this reels for   90$ is a steel    im sorry i didnt start out with this reel    my advise to u is to buy it and look no further u wont be disapointed    i think imma stick to lews reels

From: Brad: FL

Comments: great reel for the money really has no competition at this price point, very smooth, handsome and reliable, virtually no back lashes so far but id by 40$ more for a curado any day of the week

From: Steve-o: Atascadero, CA

Comments: I replaced two Revos with the TS1H models for my pitchin sticks. The reel is quality and performance and a value. It is so comfortable in the hand it makes pitching on an all day outing a breeze. I bought my first Lews Speedspool in 1979 and i'm glad I came back for more.

From: Doug: Longview, WA

Comments: This is a great pitching reel. Well worth the $140. Already ordered the tournament pro reel. Good Job Lews.

From: Walker: Maryville, TN

Comments: Great reel. Everything you would expect from a Lews reel and more. I used this reel for the first time today in a tournament with very harsh conditions, strong wind, heavy rain and cold. It performed flawlessly. So far this reel ranks right up there with my more expensive Shimano Curado, maby even better. Its not as quiet on the cast as the Shimano, but has a smoother retrieve. Reel is compact, stout, and smooth. Excellent price for what you get. Watch out competition, Lews is back with an awsome, affordable reel.

From: Doug: Thomaston, GA

Comments: Just bought one three weeks ago, so I haven't really put this reel to a seasons worth of work yet. That being said, for the few weeks I've had this reel I am extremly impressed !!! I have had zero issues. Casts great, comfortable, drag works great and is smooth ! Price is right for this reel !

From: Chris: Tennessee, USA

Comments: Went by Lew's headquarters in springfield, mo and talked to one of the head guys for a little bit. This reel seems to made to some pretty exact measurements. With the spool tension backed off all the way on both a Curado and this reel, the Curado had a lot of play (1/8") and the Tournament had virtually none. I was very impressed and would consider this reel next time I am in the market.

From: Chris: Springfield, MO

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