Little Creeper All American Trash Fish Swimbaits 2pk

Little Creeper All American Trash Fish Swimbaits 2pk

The Little Creeper All-American Trash Fish Swimbait was hand-sculpted using the body style of a Hitch as the model, but it is virtually identical to almost every trash fish in North America, including juvenile Shiners, Suckers, squawfish, Alewives, Perch, Carp, Smelt, etc. Despite its realistic profile, the action of the All-American Trash Fish is the best part about the bait. Made with two different densities of plastic, this helps produce its unique swimming motion, and also makes it tougher and more durable than most soft swimbaits. Extremely versatile, it can be fished super slow on the bottom or waked across the surface equally as well, and can even be flipped into heavy cover like a jig. Available in a variety of realistic color combinations, Little Creeper Baits recommends rigging the All-American Trash Fish on a 6/0 Weighted Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hook.

Length Quantity
6" 2

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19 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: the only thing with this bait is tail action swinging back and forth, its too expensive to plastic that tear easy, for rich fisherman then buy these but middle class buy huddleston will last way longer then this bait. It action is alright and good dart action but price is too expensive for tearing plastics. This is like jackall tear plastic minnow bait. I would rather buy berkley version to save money in these future economy.

From: Alex

Comments: This swimbait is flat-out, with no doubt, the finest swimbait I've rigged onto a weighted hook. Yes they're soft, but surprisingly durable. I'll easily continue to pay for this quality of product, especially vs. some recent knock-offs. The subtle action you'll note from the softness, and the amazing color selection makes this a dominant product, and I particularly had success with it in pressured situations. Amazing product, keep up the great work! (And please add a PERCH PATTERN!!!)

From: JP: Albion, IN

Comments: Great bait with  good action. You can crawl this bait or burn it, doesnt matter. Change the weight you use to the application. Screw lock hooks work best, they give you more life out of the bait. Use a heavy action rod with a soft tip. The softness on this bait allows you to fish lighter, but its also necessary to keep the fish from biting off the tails frequently. Don't swing right away on the bite, reel down till you feel weight and then swing. Smaller fish like to grab this bait by the tail. Mend It is your best friend with this bait!

Comments: Get the Berkley Havoc Sick Fish and save 14 dollars.

Comments: Swim great, easy to rig. Pretty durable, pulled them through some nasty stuff.  They've got some new things coming out that looks pretty sweet

From: Tom: Nor Cal

Comments: The new design is definitely a better deal and helps to keep the bait in good shape fish after fish! Most of the time I'm able to get about 10-15 fish per bait (making them cheaper than throwing senkos). The only exception is if a fish decides to just eat the tail...ouch. Don't use a real stiff tipped rod, 20 lb fluoro works great and I have had no problems with the 6/0 Owner Beast hook (does take a while to get down deep which is another effective way to fish them. Also, watch for bites on the fall. Flipping these is darn effective when the fish are eating baitfish!

From: Todd: CA Delta

Comments: Apparently some people were able to get 15 fish out of this bait. I was able to get 2- 3lber's, before their was a 1/4 inch rip near the hook. The bait would not run correctly after that, and I had to use mend it to glue it back together. What a pain. The bait looks great in water, has great action, the fish love it.....only issue is if you can afford paying $6.50 to catch a couple a fish. Definitely a very fragile make sure you consider that when purchasing.

From: Josh: Virginia

Comments: Just fished for two weeks at clear lake in the north lake ford and anglers choice pro am events. I have to admit I have had these for over a year and until last Thursday I had never caught a fish on them. However every fish I weighed in in four competition days came on this bait. I threw all but four colors and they worked all about the same. They surprisingly held up better than any soft plastic swimbait I have ever thrown. I averaged about 15 fish per bait and would have been more if I had mend-it. I actually thought this was going to be a one fish bait but I was way wrong about that.

I weighed 31.59, 21.79, 23.99, and 26.41 in four competition days. The problem I had on the two lower weight days was I thought I should use a stiffer flipping stick because of the number of big fish I was catching. Big mistake! I missed well over 70% of my bites with the stiff rod. I switched over to a Powell endurance 764 and only missed 3 bites on the last day.  One practice day I caught over a hundred fish on this bait and had almost 38 lbs with two 9lb. kickers.  So it passed the big fish test. Right now I wouldn't fish anywhere without at least one of these tied on. I had my best success with the Owner Beast 8/0 3/8 oz. screw lock hook. and 20lb. Seaguar Tatsu flourocarbon line. at $12.99 these are a steal. I wouldn't be surprised to see the price closer to that of the huddleston or baitsmith swimbaits as the secret gets out and demand grows.

From: Mike: Granite Bay, CA

Comments:  I have been using these Little Creeper baits for a while now and I've slayed some toads with them. I have good luck with the baits holding up after catching fish on them. They work great in clwear water too.

From: Rich: Santa Rosa, CA

Comments:I've been throwing the Trash Fish for about a month now. In my opinion it has a better hook up ratio than the mission fish, the softer plastic gives it a better action, and the best part about these baits are you can pitch and flip them because the wobble it has on the fall is SICK! Quality bait for sure....

From:Rob: San Jose, CA

Comments:If your lookin for numbers, they catch small to average size fish but they are very fragile. 1 fish baits and at $6 each I would choose something different next time.

From:Steve: Concord, CA

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