Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish

Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish

The Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish is a fatter more wobbly version of the proven 6" Trash Fish. The Fatty is almost twice as wide at the front end, tapering down to the width of the original at the tail. This gives the it a bigger presence, and the ability to move more water. The Fatty can be easily kept on the surface for a lumbering shallow presentation, or it can be fished at any depth if allowed to sink. It has more body wobble and actually fishes slower than the original Trash Fish. When fished on the bottom, the bait stays upright and rests on it's chin when stopped. Little Creeper recommends using a 7/0 or 8/0 weighted swimbait hook, or the Fatty can also be rigged on a jighead. Give the Little Creeper Fatty Trash Fish a try, it will definitely be another solid fish catching tool in your swimbait arsenal.

Length Quantity
6" 2

8 Colors

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Customer Reviews

Comments: yes, please get the havoc version so I can have all of these to myself. ;) for those complaining about durability, use my method. Heat up a straightened paper clip with a lighter or on a gas stove and run it through the nose to the belly. Superglue a piece of skinny little coffee straw into the bait so both ends are just inside the plastic. Put your line through and rig with an owner ST-56 size 2 treble with one barb flattened and inside the body. Slow roll it subsurface and hang on. If you want to get it down add nail weights. I prefer the fatty trash fish over the original for this method. Oh yeah, and it lasts a dozen plus fish. Once the nose tears superglue it back together and catch another dozen. Worth the money for sure.

From: Cullen: Ashburn, VA

Comments: first off these baits flat out work , the reason for the high price is the plastic used to make them is top of the line. its kinda like the old saying u get u pay for , these baits well put bass on the boat

From: Jeremy: Cali

Comments: Absolutely get the Havoc Trash Fish instead...2.99 for 2 and they're high quality/basically identical

From: Tanner: SE, MA

Comments: This bait is just flat out wayyyyy too expencive for what it is. Ok it's a good design, good action, but for this price you should get a free sandwich and a soda.

From: Chuck: N. Bergen, NJ

Comments: the thing about these is they have unique swimming tail action, i like them but price is way too expensive for tearing plastics. That is reason why i don't get  them and guys don't buy this in masses, its too expensive for tearing plastic, swim great but they do tear which is reason why i think their way too expensive a soft bait. These are custom and guys is great lure maker but price is out of my range.

From: Alex

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