Luck-E-Strike Scrounger Jig Head

The Luck E Strike Scrounger is easy to fish, practically snag-free. For professional use, or the weekend angler. The Scrounger creates vibration and an incredible realistic action. Rig your favorite plastic baitfish, shad, crawdad or grub, etc. The Luck E Strike Srounger works on ALL species of gamefish!

The short bill style allows the bait to be worked fast, burned over shallow structure or flats, without washing out. The medium bill can be worked at a range of speeds. The long bill can be fished deeper, and at slower speeds than the medium or short bill without sacrificing action.

Soft Plastic Trailers

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Product Name Price Stock Qty
Luck-E-Strike Scrounger Long Bill 1/16oz #2 $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 1/8oz #1 4pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 1/8oz #2 4pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 3/16oz 1/0 4pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 1/4oz 3/0 3pk $4.99 10+
Luck-E-Strike Scrounger Long Bill 3/8oz 4/0 $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 1/2oz 4/0 2pk $4.99 02/11
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 3/4oz 5/0 2pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Long Bill 1oz 7/0 2pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Medium Bill 1/4oz 3/0 3pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Short Bill 1/4oz 3/0 3pk $4.99 10+
Luck E Strike Scrounger Short Bill 3/4oz 5/0 2pk $4.99 02/11
Luck E Strike Scrounger Short Bill 1oz 7/0 2pk $4.99 10+

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I really love the concept of the scrounger head. It's a smaller profile than a chatterbait, but still puts off quite a good vibration. I used this last year to go through cold stained water I just fished with a spinnerbait, and hit the mother load; I Caught a 28 lb limit in early spring in the Northeast. A great tool that can be rigged in a small or large profile depending on the mood of the fish. The only drawback is the lack of a barb on the shaft to keep your trailer attached. I went through quite a few trailers because they wouldn't stay pegged. Regardless, a scrounger head will continue to be a stable in my tackle box.

From: Matt: Chicopee, MA 2/16/15

Comments: The ultimate finesse shad style bait for any lake, river, or ocean. Paired with a MC swimbaits shad bait in Pepper shad or Tennesse shad and hold on! Largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass cant resist it.

From: George: Cali

Comments: These are great jigs. Just wish they would make the 1/8 oz. with a bigger hook!!

From: Nic: USA

Comments: Amazing bait around bridges. Throw it with a 4 inch fluke attached and be ready to set the hook. The next time your going to throw a spinnerbait throw this in a 1/4 oz size medium and amaze your fishing partner.

From: Russ: Lake Gaston, VA

Comments: Was able to catch extra fish that would not hit a spinnerbait or swimjig with these including biggest fish I have ever caught out of a couple lakes.

Comments: Works great with any soft plastic bait. Gives them more action and moves a lot of water. The soft lip makes it weedless in light to medium cover. The hook is extremely sharp. If you're into customizing jigs, this is the way to go. Put a skirt and a creature bait on the jig head and thse fishes won't stand a chance... HOOKSET!!!!!!

From: Anthony: Mt Prospect, IL

Comments: Great bait, I was on Kentucky lake having a ball catching large mouth with a berkley holly belly gizzard shad 4 in. swim bait on the back of the scrounger. Big fish, little fish, just a fish catching product.

From: Devon: Lake Orion, MI

Comments:Great bait, rigged with a fluke is a tough bite fish catching machine. Had my doubts about the soft lip, but I am 100% impressed by the way they work.

From:Jesse: Casco, WI

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