Elite Bass Pro Marty Stone is a master at shallow water cranking, which is one of the reasons he and Lucky Craft teamed up together to create the Lucky Craft BDS Magic Crankbaits. The BDS Magic Crankbaits are professionally tuned, square-billed, shallow-running crankbaits that are a perfect compliment to Lucky Craft's Fat CB BDS Series. Available in two sizes, the BDS Magic Crankbaits can be fished fast or slow at an exact depth.

The BDS Magic 1.2 is the ultimate combination of finesse and power. It has a slightly longer and narrower body style, similar to the BDS 3. At 2.2 inches, it is a perfect fit between the BDS1 and BDS 2. Due to the popularity and success of the BDS Magic 1.2, Lucky Craft released the BDS Magic 2.2 which features the same body type just a little bigger and runs a couple feet deeper than the 1.2. The BDS Magic 2.2 is great for working through cover; lay-downs, boat docks or brush. These are some of the most durable, effective and consistent running crankbaits on the market today and the choice for many tournament anglers.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Belly Hook Tail Hook Line Recomm.
BDS Magic 1.2 2 1/8" 1/4oz 0-2ft Floating #5 #5 8-10lb
BDS Magic 2.2 2 1/2" 3/8oz 2-4ft Floating #4 #5 12-17lb

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I fish this bait in stained river systems and bass absolutely kill them. I'm ordering more because the paint has been knocked off. Fished one all year and still haven't lost it, almost impossible to hang up.....

From: Terry: millersville, md. US

Comments: This is a great bait for clearwater lakes but if you aren't made of money and want the exact same thing for half price buy the baker lures version

From: not stupid

Comments: This bait has an amazing snaking action due to the longer, slender body. This is my favorite crankbait. Buy one and watch it catch em!

From: George, Maine

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