The new LVR series are characterized by a more natural fluid movement that standard lipless crankbaits lack. Most lipless crankbaits are designed to produce a powerful vibrating action, unfortunately in order to produce this vibration, the baits must have a mechanical action. The LVR series baits have an optimal balance between internal volume and body mass. Basically, the optimal balance eliminates the unnatural mechanical action. The speed and falling posture of the LVR's more closely imitate the natural action of a baitfish. The bodies are designed to create a smooth, straight fall when first entering the water, eliminating the standard right or left starting action of other lipless crankbaits. The action and body design make them more weedless than baits of similiar design. This is an excellent bait to use when fish are weary but are still actively pursuing schools of baitfish. Lucky Craft has also made LVR's available in some new colors like Chrome, Arkansas Shad, Chrome Blue, and White & Gray.

Lucky Craft Length Weight Depth Class Hook
LVR D-7 2-3/4" 1/2oz 6ft Sinking #4
LVR D-10 3-1/8" 3/4oz 12ft Sinking #2
LVR D-15 3-3/4" 1oz 6ft Sinking #2

Treble Hooks

"LVR Series is a lipless rattler that can be fished much more effectively in clumpy grass."

"The LVR D-7 and D-10 are fantastic for fishing places where the hydrilla does not die back as much in the cold-weather seasons like in Florida or other portions of the extreme southeastern U.S.," Swindle said. "Tie a D-7 to 15-pound fluorocarbon or 20-pound braid and it hovers and hesitates in those open pockets and voids in the grass and snaps of the clumps much cleaner."

"The LV 500 is still my primary choice when fishing huge flats on places like Lake Guntersville or Rayburn after a cold winter has knocked the grass back and it's fairly consistent across the bottom," Swindle summed up. "But if I go to a place like Lake Toho or Lake Seminole where the hydrilla might still be up and clumpy after a warm winter, I'm going to the LVR Series to keep the lure up and clean."

-Gerald "The G-Man" Swindle

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Customer Reviews

Comments: I had a size 7 in my rattlebait box, just sitting there. Hooks rusted. It was neglected. I picked it up one day and the fish let me know they enjoyed the action. The finish is coming off but I dont care. I went to order another one (TW doesnt have the color I have) on EB and it was 30 bucks. No thanks.

From: Jay6: USA 9/19/14

Comments: these are some great rattlebaits. caught several 4-6 pound smallies on them throughout the past seasons. too bad lucky craft no longer offers them in Gold Aurora...that was the color to have...

From: Cheng: Maplewood, MN

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